New horsepower


Hanover’s Leibniz University is on the fast lane to the future and has turned former stables into a place of inspiration.

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Indestructible seating


How 30 FS-line chairs were given a new lease of life at Hanover’s Hafven co-working space.

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Knowledge-sharing hub


St Gallen University created a co-working space called theCO to encourage exceptional openness and interdisciplinary interaction.

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Wilkhahn’s Rider – a motion whisperer


Wilkhahn’s Rider is a new and exceptionally dynamic, movement-boosting, sit-to-stand stool.

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Healthy office workspaces


How can we ensure that offices are safe and future-proof places – and not just during the corona outbreak? Wilkhahn can offer scaleable solutions for people working in offices or from home.

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Material worlds


NEPI Rockcastle’s address is its calling card and the interior-design concept of this real-estate developer’s new office is all about building materials as the leitmotif.

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An instant, compact-to-stow home office


It’s true that Wilkhahn doesn’t design clothes. Nevertheless, this prêt-à-porter office for mobile workers does resemble a smart outfit for people who are working at home or out and about.

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Goals with a sustainable impact


The new environmental statement with sustainability report has been published. We interviewed Wilkhahn’s environmental manager, Jörg Hoffmann, about the current environmental programme.

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Squaring the circle


PEIA Associati’s architects translated the principle of equality under international law into impressive interior design at the UN’s European headquarters.

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Fire safety


What contribution can upholstered furniture make to fire safety? How are tests carried out and where do which standards apply? It’s a complex issue and we provide some guidance.

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Office hygiene


The corona pandemic means there’s a focus on office hygiene like never before. The new Wilkhahn brochure offers some practical tips on the subject.

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Fire safety today


In an interview with Wilkhahn, interior designer Ulla Basqué talks about new trends in office design and the resulting requirements for fire safety.

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Elevator to success


For the Brussels headquarters of the CEFIC Chemical Industry Council, the interior designers picked an activity-based concept and Wilkhahn’s dynamic furniture.

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More sustainability, more motion, more fitness


The new AT Mesh model with its mesh-covered backrest frame makes Wilkhahn’s three-dimensional dynamic sitting transparent.

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An ergonomic sound experience


Good acoustics play a key role in productivity. Which is where Sennheiser’s Innovation LAB is just as pioneering as Wilkhahn’s furniture in terms of ergonomics and design.

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Upgrade for a bestseller


Wilkhahn’s adding to the options offered by the popular furniture family, designed by jehs+laub, by launching its Occo Conference chair range and new Occo tables.

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A perfect shell with new bases


Wilkhahn’s launching inspired new models of its Aula all-rounder.

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Asia-Pacific at centre stage


The INDE.Awards 2020 are presented to buildings, spaces, objects and people from the Asia-Pacific region that break the mould.

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For mobile desks to pop-up offices


Not just in the corona era, for maximum flexibility anytime, anywhere with Wilkhahn’s new Foldscreen.

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Rocky Mountain theme


The design of Otter Products’ new offices resembles the landscape in Colorado, which is the US base of the company. The Wilkhahn chairs were chosen to keep the workforce fit and healthy.

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