The Timeless, Stylish Sola Conference Chair in a Historical Building

A makeover for the old plenary chamber where Baroque opulence and modern furniture meet in the Tyrolean state parliament. Photo: Gerhard Berger/Tyrolean state parliament

The Tyrolean state parliament’s newly furnished Baroque plenary chamber from the 18th century highlights how impressive a historical backdrop combined with contemporary seating can look. The Sola conference chair’s clear design blends in superbly with the historical interior.

The Tyrolean state parliament’s Baroque plenary chamber lies at the heart of the Altes Landhaus. The building was constructed and lavishly furnished based on plans by Austrian architect Georg Anton Gumpp between 1725 and 1734.

The building enjoys historic preservation protection and is considered Innsbruck’s most important Baroque building. It accommodates the Tyrolean state parliament chambers and the offices of the state parliament’s governor.

The Altes Landhaus in Innsbruck isn’t just one of the Tyrol’s architectural gems. As the seat of the state parliament, it’s also the hub of local political life. Photos: Gerhard Berger/Tyrolean state parliament

Sensitive modernization

In 2020 and 2021, the chamber was refurbished and modernized by local architectural firms Hanno Schlögl and Noldin Architekten who collaborated closely with the historical building preservation body.

The refurbishment of the plenary chamber included the furniture, the equipment and lighting. As a result, it’s a modern workplace with special-needs access and all the equipment required to stream sessions.

An oval table configuration was also added to ensure all parties had equal seating rights.

The original chandelier didn’t meet today’s workplace requirements, so it was replaced by modern lighting that also offers an unhindered view of the impressive fresco on the ceiling.

The Sola conference chair bridges the gap between historical opulence and contemporary minimalism. Photo: Gerhard Berger/Tyrolean state parliament

Sola’s design impresses  

The historic heart of the state parliament building is where politicians take decisions on some of the most pressing issues of the day. Which makes Wilkhahn’s seminal seating a good choice.

The remit was to provide stylish seating with an understated but high-quality aesthetic for the magnificent plenary chamber. The Sola conference chair, designed by Justus Kolberg, blends in with the Baroque grandeur and its contemporary design also offers a distinctive contrast.

Sola’s design stands out for its geometric shape. Its rocking capability also delivers outstanding comfort during long sessions.

Despite its opulent walls and ceilings, the chamber radiates a harmonious calm and modernity – not least due to high-quality furnishings like the stylish conference chair.

The Sola conference chair’s crisp design language blends in with the Baroque environment perfectly and conveys an orderly atmosphere in the plenary chamber. Photos: Gerhard Berger/Tyrolean state parliament

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