Empowering Hybrid Collaboration


Flexibility and mobility are key to contemporary hybrid work styles. Recent years have seen marked changes, not only in work styles, but also in the way offices need to be furnished.

The office has increasingly become a hub for collaboration that doesn’t lend itself to remote working. The need to have nuanced furniture concepts for meetings with changing teams and at different locations creates new challenges for office planning.


A one-size-fits-all table

When Wilkhahn launched the multipurpose Timetable Lift (design: Andreas Störiko) back in 2018, it rewrote the style rules for modern innovation spaces. The table is mobile, battery operated, with a flip-top table top that doubles as a magnetic, writable whiteboard. As a result, the conference table is ideal for agile teams that are sitting, standing, or a mixture of the two.

We’re now growing the table range with a range of smart add-ons. Our goal is to support hybrid styles of collaboration during innovation and creative processes even better.

Hybrid meetings made easy – new features such as the precision-adjustable tilt of the table top and the mount for collaboration boards boost agile teams’ capabilities. Photo: Wilkhahn

Two must-haves for video calls – trapezoid-shaped table top and monitor mount

Timetable Lift now comes with a trapezoid-shaped table top, making it ideal for teams embracing hybrid work styles. As a result, it’s easier to see everyone participating in a video conference.

A remote team can take part in meetings at the same height. The new monitor mount for our Timetable Lift allows electrical, customizable height adjustment of the table at the touch of a button. When the monitor’s not required, it can be parked on the optional wall mount and the Timetable Lift can be used for other purposes.

With a trapezoid-shaped table top and new monitor mount, the height-adjustable Timetable Lift turns into a mobile video conference system. Photos: Wilkhahn

An easily accessible power supply – two features facilitating a change of location

Maximum mobility – without tripping over reams of cabling – is only possible minus any power cables.

Two new features make changing location child’s play. The Confair Power Server and its high-performance rechargeable batteries (Mov:e Power Units) power monitors, collaboration boards and other devices that have plugs.

Thanks to the table’s tilt function, digital collaboration boards are now even easier to integrate. The table top’s height and angle are precision adjustable and can be locked in place to enable ergonomic postures for people who are sitting or standing. Screens and other work necessities can be positioned exactly as needed – from the horizontal to any inclined positions to the vertical.

The integrated cable management system also ensures a tidy and orderly look.

The mobile Confair Power Server – including the Mov:e Power Units – enables operation of numerous mobile devices without connecting them to a power supply. The additional cable management system that can also be integrated and its cover made of black PET felt guarantees safety without any obstacles to trip people up. Photos: Wilkhahn

Innovative and powerful charging technology for maximum mobility

The new mobile charging set for the Timetable Lift is perfect if users require various devices. A separate, powerful rechargeable battery concealed under the felt cover charges laptops, smartphones, or tablets. As a result, meetings with high-tech conference equipment can take place anywhere in the room without interrupting workflows.

The range of charging options for mobile devices is rounded out by a number of table fixtures. For instance, smartphones, tablets, and laptops at up to 60 watts can be charged using the USB chargers. The wireless charger supplies mobile devices with up to 15 watts of power. Photos: Wilkhahn

The roll holder for drawing and noting information on paper

Even in the digital age, the ability to write down things by hand is still crucial during innovation and creative processes. Our tool-free mount for different types of rolls allows transformation of almost all tables and pinboards into writable surfaces.

Rolls of paper or self-adhesive films for walls can also be used. Self-adhesive films can be attached to virtually any surface and removed again without leaving any residue. This effectively enlarges the work surface to include the entire room and the results are always visible.

The easy-to-fit roll holder turns the table into a writable whiteboard in no time. Photos: Wilkhahn

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