Sven Feustel Answers Three Questions about our Intra Conference Chair


Over the past few years, the role of offices as places of collaboration and teamwork has grown.

As a result, furnishing solutions are required that meet the diverse requirements of the new generation of workers. In terms of function and design, Wilkhahn’s Intra checks all the boxes like virtually no other conference chair. Its fluid lines, precise transition points between the high-quality materials and dynamic comfort make it a top performer in contemporary conference rooms or executive offices.

The Intra conference chair balances a modern management style with a residential sensibility.

We talked to PHOENIX’s Sven Feustel and asked him what makes Intra’s design stand out.

How do you develop a conference chair that meets the needs of a human-centered workplace?

Sven Feustel: Before we started work on Intra, we looked at how office environments are changing. And wanted to know what the direction of travel is. Flexibility, agility, new management styles, homes becoming workspaces and vice versa… what does that all mean for new approaches to sitting? Our global research showed that agile work styles and conference types are becoming increasingly popular with top managers too.

What’s the core design idea behind Intra?

SF: The longer people spend in meetings, the greater their need for more dynamic seating to keep bodies and minds in good shape. The core design idea behind Intra was to develop a chair that does exactly that. One of the key issues was how to translate these requirements into a design language that combined the functionality and comfort required in today’s and tomorrow’s world.

The upshot was Intra’s typical form where each detail is key to the whole design. Contours, stitching, surfaces and materials are all impeccably coordinated.

Unparalleled comfort: The Intra conference chair offers precision-adjustable height, and movement-prompting synchronous adjustment with automatic weight adjustment – both of which are subtly integrated into the seat shell.

How did you meet Wilkhahn’s demand for healthy comfort, perfection and high quality in terms of design? And why do you believe Intra makes daily office life better?

SF: We designed Intra with an aesthetic that blends in superbly with contemporary interiors. And, of course, it comes with all the settings and movement functions too. I think we’ve succeeded in striking a balance between seating that’s both dynamic and has a high-quality residential appeal. And I’m delighted if people like sitting on Intra. Because this is how inspiration is triggered.

Thanks for talking to us Sven.

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