Six new mood boards for the right color and material mix


Colors, samples, and materials affect our well-being and, ultimately, our productivity in the office too. To have an impact, a coordinated furnishing concept needs to respond to all sorts of requirements. Just like the Human-Centered Workplace, which focuses on people’s needs.

We developed our mood boards to inspire you creatives when designing workplaces like those. Their purpose is to help you select colors and materials and offer a design toolbox for appealingly matched environments.

Pure let’s you delve into the vastness of Scandinavia and emanates an air of tranquility. The complementary purples and pinks provide a pleasing contrast. Photo: Wilkhahn

Pure – playfully fresh

Welcome to Pure’s Scandinavian color palette. It encompasses the hues of a sandy beach, the grey-blue ocean, green carpets of moss, and gray stone shades. These are paired with playful pops of color in delicate blueberry purple and pink.

  • Atmosphere: A natural, tranquil, and fresh appeal
  • Basic colors: Light gray, cream
  • Accent colors: Mauve, mossy green, icy blue
Earth stands for quality, ecology, and organic shapes. The warm colors symbolize a celebration of nature and awaken associations with a walk in the forest full of leaves and ripe mushrooms in the fall. Photo: Wilkhahn

Earth – natural fibers, wood, and warmth

The Earth color palette suggests warmth and a celebration of nature. Fluid-organic forms and high-quality wood elements blend in with the ecological design concept.

  • Atmosphere: Warmth, organic elements, and a celebration of nature
  • Basic colors: Sand, dark brown
  • Accent colors: Golden yellow, copper, and dusky pink
With woody and earthy hues that allude to warmth and nature, McConaghy Properties’ premises in Brisbane, Australia, are all about the Earth color concept. Photos: Christopher Frederick Jones / Wilkhahn
Greenery adds a touch of natural freshness to the office environment. The color concept can lean toward both classic and modern accents. Photo: Wilkhahn

Greenery – nature with fresh accents

An air of spring wafts into rooms furnished around the Greenery color concept. Lush green tones are pepped up by the fresh green of newly sprouting leaves and the delicate hues of flowers and rounded off with wood elements.

  • Atmosphere: Calm, serene, harmonious
  • Basic colors: Dark, rich green tones, spring green
  • Accent colors: Sunshine yellow, cream, lavender
The Sophisticated concept is all about contrasting the past with the future. Stylish, traditional tobacco and leather tones are paired with cool blue and gray. Photo: Wilkhahn

Sophisticated – craftsmanship meets cutting-edge technology

With high-quality, classic materials like leather and chrome, Sophisticated is all about tradition contrasted with contemporary accents. The mix of cold and warm colors, as well as diverse surfaces, is invigorating.

  • Atmosphere: Stability, reliability, clarity
  • Basic colors: Light gray, gray-beige, warm, dark brown
  • Accent colors: Honey, gray-blue, icy blue

The Sophisticated mood board’s colors are reflected tastefully in the interiors at Amber Beverage Group.

The interior design’s warm brown tones are inspired by Baltic scenery and reminiscent of bark and amber. They stand for tradition and generate a motivating atmosphere to work in. Photo/image: Amber Beverage Group / Wilkhahn
Delicate’s subtle brown tones convey elegance, assurance, warmth, and calm. Photo: Wilkhahn

Delicate – understated elegance

With its understated colors and natural textures, Delicate exudes traditional elegance, underscored by gleaming, copper-colored accessories.

  • Atmosphere: Poise, elegance, assurance
  • Basic colors: Cream, taupe, light gray, gray-brown
  • Accent colors: Dark emerald green, brass, sand

The Delicate color combinations feature in the office building belonging to luxury goods company Richemont in Amsterdam.

The natural beige tones of the stylish interior are soothing in the conference rooms and highlight the organic design idiom of the furniture and lights. Photos / image: Herman de Winter / Wilkhahn
Super Real’s color palette emphasizes pioneering technology – with a modernist combination of shades of purple gray and yellow-green highlights. Photo: Wilkhahn

Super Real – digital dimensions

Innovative design concepts reflect the digitalization of the working environment. The futuristic Super Real color concept stands for innovation and plays with the concept of soft fabrics and cool, metallic surfaces.

  • Atmosphere: Modern, practical, innovative
  • Basic colors: Light gray, anthracite, ultramarine violet
  • Accent colors: Muted purple, magenta, yellow-green


Use our mood boards to help you plan. Draw inspiration from the harmonious color and material combinations. And discover the many design options open to you with Wilkhahn furniture.


You can download more information here:

Mood boards brochure


You can also find more inspiring office environments in our digital reference projects.


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