Decide – Chair Range with Innovative 3D Comfort


The new Decide chair range is a new dimension in ergonomics. It marries high-quality, timeless design with sophisticated ergonomics that makes sitting healthier.


The task chair’s innovative 3D suspension provides healthy stimulation of back muscles.

Decide’s design is reduced to the max. It offers a wide range of models and variants for meeting and conference rooms throughout a company.


Decide – comfort by choice

In an age of hybrid work styles, co-workers primarily come to offices for meetings or to take decisions. Which is why the demand for comfortably and attractively furnished formal and informal communication spaces is rising.


Wilkhahn’s new Decide task chair family offers an impressive response to these requirements:

  • Clear, timeless design
  • Ergonomics that boost well-being and health
  • A variety of models and features to make the range versatile
Decide comes in many versions for versatile use as a desk or conference chair. Photo: Wilkhahn
Decide fuses traditional design with excellent ergonomics. Photo: Wilkhahn

Decide – a modern take on a classic task chair

Decide is a timeless task chair with subtly organic and soft lines. The comfortable upholstery, characteristic die-cast aluminum ring-shaped armrests, and the delicately modeled star base are a pleasing mix.


Decide blends in with any setting due to its understated design and wide choice of upholstery materials for the seat/backrest shell. At time same time, it’s an unforgettable eye-catcher.

Viewed from the front, Decide’s backrest looks flat, but from the side, its ergonomically supportive shape of the backrest is obvious. Photo: Wilkhahn

Ergonomics and flexibility

With precision-adjustable height, Decide’s elastic, ergonomically shaped backrest and comfortable upholstery with its different support zones delivers outstanding comfort and support. The innovative suspension enables the required flexibility and stability to simulate three-dimensional movement. Alternatively, a rocking mechanism with custom-adjustable counter pressure guarantees a healthy change of posture.

With a five-star base on casters, or a four-star base on glides, Decide is equally ideal for meeting and conference tables, or desks. Photos: Wilkhahn
With its innovative 3D suspension, or adjustable rocking mechanism, the Decide conference chair ensures users enjoy ergonomic comfort and healthy changes of posture. Photos: Wilkhahn

A range of features

In terms of function and design, the chair range is scalable and therefore very versatile. It offers three backrest heights and ring-shaped armrests that incorporate armrest pads made of leather, solid oak, or plastic, and come with soft padding.

The chair range blends in perfectly with lots of settings thanks to its three backrest heights and star bases with silver, white, or black coatings, bright chrome plating or polished versions...
... and matching ring-shaped armrests. There’s also a wide range of fabric and leather covers to choose from. Photos: Wilkhahn

Cyber is a new fabric option we’re launching at the same time as Decide. It’s a multi-colored fabric made of post-consumer-recycled polyester. The attractive color combinations, the soft feel, the matte surface, and the natural fiber look of the fabric convey a warm atmosphere with a residential appeal.


In terms of timeless, ecological design and excellent comfort Decide really hits the spot.

The quality of the materials and craftsmanship, ease of repair and FSC-compliant wooden shells help ensure a long-lasting, resource friendly chair. In combination with its customizability to the corporate identity in question and Wilkhahn’s firm commitment to sustainability, Decide is also a byword for modern workplace design.

Decide is available for ordering now within standard lead times.


Further information

Decide conference chair


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