Future Office Champions


Three Comfurnancy seals for Wilkhahn

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A dialogue between old and new


Turning a warehouse into an innovative research and development centre

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Fostering a community spirit in the human-centered workplace


Why interacting with colleagues in the office is so crucial.

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Sustainable, twisty trees for tomorrow’s world?


Climate change making the dwarf beech more sustainable

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Virtual globetrotting


Wilkhahn showrooms worldwide in a virtual 3D tour.

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Meetings at the Zeitgeist Hotel


Why business travellers love the Viennese hotel.

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Happy anniversary to the FS-Line


Everything changes. Quality lasts. The generation chair.

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What’s the purpose?


A Düsseldorf agency promises to find a purpose for their customers’ businesses in 100 days.

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Innovation in the human-centered workplace


How the office fosters employee engagement and new ideas.

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Season’s Greetings


Happy Christmas from Wilkhahn.

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A mini round-the-world trip


Let yourself be inspired by the 51 projects in 40 locations, 16 countries and on five continents that are featured in Wilkhahn’s new book of reference projects.

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Meetings in the human-centered workplace


How does the human-centered workplace foster interaction? We’ll be looking at various office spaces in more detail.

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The home office, a sedentary workspace


What do we do about mobile office work, a contradiction in terms? An informative Wilkhahn talk at the digital Office Forum at SAP

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And the winner is…


Wilkhahn receives a gold Architects’ Darling Award in the cradle-to-cradle-challenge category for the second time in succession.

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Cool companion


As a dynamic symbol of work and play in their most agile forms, the Stand-up stool never tips over and now comes in four stylish new colours.

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Sustainability in style


Following an unsuccessful bid for the 2012 Olympic Games, the Stuttgart region moved to plan b – the sustainable NeckarPark residential and business development.

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Working in the human-centered workplace


How can we combine well-being, teamwork, identity and purpose, the core principles of the human-centered workplace, with deep work?

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The anywhere office


When offices require greater flexibility and social distancing, the Fold-up Workspace makes spontaneous, agile styles of working easier.

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The Moroccan code


Programmers can decipher 1337 as leet, if elite is meant. At Morocco’s first IT college, the name says it all.

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Top seating


What’s a particularly good way of suggesting exclusivity? Real-estate developer Kaihua’s office tower block in southern China shows how to do it.

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