Interested in superbly designed offices? Seeking inspiration from fantastic reference projects? Fascinated by architectural culture and furnishing? Is sustainability more than just a buzz word to you? Looking to stay up to date on key product innovations? If any of these points apply to you, then you’ve come to the right place.

Inspired by Mondrian


What do the graphics and colour composition of a Dutch artist have to do with financial management? Kadensa Capital combines two seemingly opposite disciplines with one another in Hong Kong.

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Prizeworthy design


AT wins the German Design Award in the Excellent Product Design category.

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An Office Building Doubles as a Power Plant


High-End Furniture with Cutting-Edge Style


New top-of the range Graph iconic edition for conference spaces

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NeoCon – Up Close and Personal


The first get-together in the Chicago showroom for a long time

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Superior Furniture Solutions


Inspirations for Superior Furniture Solutions

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


In Kernel Property’s offices, each item of furniture has its own story.

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On-Trend Wooden Shell Chair


Find out more about the Aula all-rounder in a new on-trend version now.

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Superb Spaces for Content Creators


What’s the key to timeless yet stylish office design?

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Wanderer between the worlds


Wilkhahn is expanding its range of diverse hybrid furnishing solutions.

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Ergonomic participation


Contemporary understanding of democracy translated into timeless interior design.

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New Work in New York


Wilkhahn LAB opens in SoHo.

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Australian Luminary


The winners of the top design accolade in the Indo-Pacific region have been chosen.

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Ergonomic choices


How do you design rooms that all co-workers love?

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Centre of attraction


The purpose of Remseck’s new town centre is to bring people from the six adjacent neighbourhoods together.

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Upgrade for Insit


From a workspace sofa to modular, more private pods

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The first climate-neutral continent


On the road to a more sustainable life.

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Nordic rooms with a view


Breathtaking views in Oslo’s popular harbour area

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Learning in the Human Centered Workplace


Turning offices into effective learning environments

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Curating quality home workspaces with Aline


We turn the tables on home offices

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