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Real-estate consultants CBRE operate around the world. Its new offices in Madrid are located on Paseo de la Castellana, one of the Spanish capital’s main thoroughfares. The company took advantage of the move to launch NWOW, the “new way of working” system that is reflected in the flexibly designed rooms and interiors. When creating the multi-purpose conference room, the goal was to produce a relaxed and appealing and home-like environment to work in. In this case, the bar stool from the Aline range is the perfect choice for diverse requirements. When planning the new offices, there was one thing the architecture team in CBRE's project-management department was definite about. They realised that we no longer live in an age where office canteens and conference spaces are only used for one to two hours per day. But the question remained how do you create a multi-purpose room that is both a recreational area and office space? Consequently, the “Confeteria” features primarily natural materials, lounge chairs and a large-sized table system for holding meetings and eating at.

Today the multi-purpose room is chiefly the venue for informal communication and meetings (which of course can take place over a joint lunch). This idea was part of the launch of the new working system, where the whole team is actively and visibly incorporated in the restructuring processes. In the future, NWOW – new way of working – will offer more flexibility in selecting workspaces, the freedom for individuals to choose between different types of workspaces and a better work/life balance. Therefore, the planners focused particularly on the seating for the central table which includes all the employees’ signatures in the glass table top. They chose the bar stool model from Wilkhahn’s Aline range because it reinforces the idea of informal meetings without neglecting comfort and ergonomics. Due to its transparent look and timelessly stylish design, Aline also integrates perfectly with the differently furnished room.

The interior triumphs with its spectacular lighting concept. As the room is used for a variety of purposes, typical office lighting wasn’t considered suitable. The numerous lamps hanging from the ceiling are covered with triangular wire baskets in different heights which generate fascinating effects with the light. And by the way, in traditional conference rooms CBRE has also put its trust in Wilkhahn products, this time in the form of a conference table. Based on the Logon range, a scissor-action table was configured for a variety of uses. If required, it can be closed to form a triangular table system.

Location: Spain
Year: 2014
Firm: Burodécor
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