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Built in Zurich in 1894, the railway viaduct is an architectural highlight and popular place to be. Spanning a length of around 500 meters, the 36 arches accommodate on-trend shops, hip restaurants and inspiring studios.

The characteristic quarry stone facade is retained and the design of the businesses incorporated in the arches is deliberately understated. Photo: Rüegg-Naegeli AG / Studio DZ GmbH

A new home for annabelle

The new premises of women’s magazine annabelle are accommodated in the historical viaduct arches. Alongside articles about fashion, beauty and interior design, the magazine now also includes pieces on socio-political issues. In just a few months, designer Jennifer Kossow from Rüegg-Naegeli created an office to match the publication’s brand with flexible furniture to allow multipurpose space usage. With floorspace of around 190 square meters, the premises are big enough for content creation, interaction and attractive events.

The tasteful interior is coordinated down to the last detail – in terms of design and ergonomics, Wilkhahn’s multipurpose Occo chair is ideal. Photo: Rüegg-Naegeli AG / Studio DZ GmbH

A multitasker for modern working environments

The open-plan nature of the concept is echoed in the furniture. The interior designer picked mobile solutions that can be combined with one another. To meet the needs of contemporary workplaces, she chose one of Wilkhahn’s multitaskers, the Occo multipurpose chair (design: jehs + laub). Upholstered on the inside, it offers users superior comfort and can be stacked for quick and space-saving reconfiguration of the room. The distinctive cut-out section in the backrest and at the side lends the chair a light and airy appearance, providing a pleasing contrast to the somewhat rustic quarry stone walls. But Occo’s color also blends in perfectly with the surroundings. A neon pink annabelle sign adds a rose-tinted touch to the room and chairs.

Women’s magazine annabelle creates articles on lifestyles and fashion. So style and design were particularly important for the new office premises. As the open-plan space doubles as a reception and event venue, we didn’t want typical office chairs. Wilkhahn’s Occo was the top choice because it’s stylish, comfortable and offers lots of design options.

Jennifer Kossow, head of consulting and design at Rüegg-Naegeli AG

A contemporary hybrid office space

Custom-made solutions by joiners and versatile furniture result in a contemporary office environment. The team at annabelle can choose between areas for deep work, collaboration or events.

Interior designer Jennifer Kossow divided the high, two-story premises into various areas. On the first floor, visitors encounter an open-plan kitchen, which resembles a loft apartment and therefore has an inviting appeal. The open-plan room adjacent to the kitchen is used for meetings, interaction with colleagues and customers, but is quick and easy to turn into an event location too. Workspaces with plenty of daylight are situated at the back, where a large table for meetings is also available. There’s also a soundproof pod in the middle of the space for anyone wanting to make a call or talk in private. A staircase with in-built shelving for extra storage room leads to the second floor where the journalists work at their computers.

Some of the 120-year-old railway viaduct is protected as a place of historical value, which was quite a challenge in terms of the interior design. Photo: Rüegg-Naegeli AG / Studio DZ GmbH

An interactive and collaborative space

The goal was for the premises to reflect the magazine’s image. To do so, designer Jennifer Kossow went for a contemporary interior with in-vogue pastel shades, such as pink or sage green, and cleverly combined these with a subtle gray and lush green. These colors create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere and give the room a fresh, warm feeling. As a result, the office is not merely a place of work, but somewhere where people enjoy being and interacting.


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Click here to visit the Rüegg-Naegeli AG website. (Website only available in German.)

Click here to visit the website of women’s magazine annabelle. (Website only available in German.)

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