Neos task chair - Dynamic seating that’s got the look.

180 range - Design wiege

People differ and so does their physique: there are basket ball giants, featherweights and heavyweights. Ideally, what everybody wants is an office chair to provide an equal level of support and optimal seated comfort. The concept of Neos therefore consistently follows the principle of "sitting without a driving licence", which has been a guiding principle at Wilkhahn for over 25 years:
  • with the simplest and most intuitive operation of all adjustment functions, such as seat height, backrest height, armrest position and adjustment to accommodate the user's weight
  • with synchronous adjustment of the generous, resilient back shell ensuring conformity with individual body types
  • and with automatic promotion of frequent changes in posture to keep muscles, metabolism and circulation in good shape.

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Two paddles and a conveniently located crank handle make it child's play for the user to adjust Neos while remaining seated. All functions are integrated in a calm, pleasant and self-explanatory form for optimal seated comfort and design appeal. This goes to show that ergonomics is invariably a question of aesthetics too.


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Neos - 180 range

Form and function – pure and simple.

It’s not just the comfort, but also the design of Neos office chair that’s a welcome feature. The clear contours of the back and swivel arm appear seamless. The smooth aluminium casing of the synchro-adjustment mechanism conveys superb quality and excellent design down to the last detail. The extendable crank to adjust the counter pressure is conveniently placed and integrated in aform-fit manner in the left of the two buttons at the side. And like the seat depth and the backrest height, the 3-D armrests are adjustable while seated completely intuitively. Along with the large castors, this adds up to extreme ease of use.  From whatever angle you look at it, Neos offers the ideal combination of form and function that is excellent value.