Wilkhahn’s Rider – a motion whisperer


Dynamic sitting has always been a part of Wilkhahn’s DNA. Several decades ago, we had already developed an innovative sitting-standing stool called Stitz, which is one of the classic items of this furniture typology today. Wilkhahn’s Rider is ushering in a new chapter in furniture history because it’s an innovative and particularly dynamic sitting-standing stool. It’s a clever choice wherever physical agility, inspiration and creativity are beneficial assets. Because it’s lightweight and easy to pick up with one hand, it can be spontaneously placed wherever it’s required and used for workshops, impromptu chats with colleagues, during activity-based breaks, or placed in front of lecterns, music stands, ironing boards or cookers at home.

Wilkhahn’s Rider is shaped like a saddle but more stylish, flexible and portable, making it the perfect choice for office settings. Photos: Wilkhahn

The sophisticated details of the stool’s distinctive Y shape are a reference to the saddle, which is where dynamic sitting started in the first place. Sven von Boetticher from Stuttgart-based design studio ID AID came up with Rider’s stylish and modern look.

Rider has both an eye-catching design and scores top marks for ergonomics and comfort. The upholstered “saddle” is surprisingly comfortable and users can sit astride or ride it side saddle. The handles on both sides allow intuitive precision adjustment of its height to match body sizes and the places it’s destined for. For instance, perhaps it’s to act as a stool at a table or to perch on at an easel. Its swivel capability and curved disc base encourage a range of different movements to keep body and mind agile. The hollowed-out sections at the sides underneath the saddle accommodate the height adjustment button and act as handles to carry the stool with.

Wilkhahn’s Rider offers lots of alternatives to just sitting or standing during work or play. Photos: Wilkhahn

In other words, thanks to its self-explanatory, distinctive shape, Rider’s an appealing, easy-going companion to keep body and mind switched on. Whether it comes in a plain black or bold black and white mix, its owners will be riding high.

Rider’s height can be adjusted from 52 to 78 cm. What’s more, at just 44 cm wide, 14 cm deep, with a disc base of 34 cm in diameter and weighing only 5 kg, it’s compact and easy to pick up and move.

Why not find out more about this dynamic stool?


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