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Many companies report that it’s virtually impossible to find the right staff, regardless of whether we’re talking about managers, skilled employees or apprentices. But what can employers do to attract suitable candidates? Creativity and brand new approaches are required in the age of digitalisation. Recruiting agency Raven51 has found the answers and combines the potential of digital transformation with over 50 years of experience in HR marketing.


Raven51 knows how to find the right people and that’s a fact. And, of course, it’s not prepared to make any compromises where its own workforce is concerned either. Interior designer Ursula Czogalla has come up with a contemporary working environment on the over 1,200 square metres of office space at the new branch in Frankfurt. The branch doesn’t just have 60 workspaces with the acoustics to match, but also meeting rooms and interactive spaces for creative work. Special attention was paid to ergonomic seating that does justice to the progressive image of the agency. Just the job for planner Silvio Mondello. He’s the CEO of the eponymous office furniture company and, like Raven51, focuses on high quality when selecting candidates – which is why picking the best office chair wasn’t left up to chance.

These office chairs literally are IN. Photos: Jens Ehrlich (Shoot & Food)

All the more reason for us to be delighted that a Wilkhahn product scored top marks during the thorough selection procedure. The whole Raven51 team tested office chairs of very different designs over a long period of time. The majority of the employees subsequently opted for IN. Thanks to its dynamic sitting capabilities, enabled by Trimension® 3D kinematics, IN beat its competitors and was the number one choice. The exceptionally dynamic and comfortable office chair encourages healthy dynamic sitting in both the new open-plan spaces and offices for two. IN is joined by the Sitzbock pommel horse seat, which is a whimsical alternative in the interactive space. The red or grey eye-catcher encourages communication and a change of posture. People can sit astride, ride “side saddle” or use it to lean on while standing.



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