Power where you need it


During the covid pandemic, the virtual inability to make definite plans has almost become the new normal. Finding new solutions is top of the agenda for both work and play. In other words, we have to be flexible. Which is why, now more than ever, offices require scalable spaces that can adapt to different types of use. At the same time, they need to provide the customary comfort of a digital workplace and be quick and require little manpower to set up.

But how do you reconfigure a room spontaneously and easily without compromising on the energy supply? Wilkhahn’s Power Bar can do exactly that. It’s a safe, high-performance power module that’s easy to add to a range of table layouts. It consists of a cable channel, mounted underneath the mobile tables’ foldable table top, with a socket strip for four modules and special connectors at the side for the electricity supply and extension leads. The connecting and extension leads allow the tables to be configured and linked as required. Where a table top is flipped up, this is really simple because nobody has to crawl underneath the table.

The supply lead is pushed in …
… and locked in place very easily.

Therefore, instead of connecting each table to the mains, depending on the socket fuse and devices connected, several tables can be linked with one another directly. All that’s required is a connection to the mains supply at the beginning of the table row to add electricity to all the following tables. As a result, the number of power connections required is reduced, potential for tripping up is removed and reconfiguration is faster. These advantages quickly pay dividends and are particularly helpful in areas where it’s impossible to fit double floors and restrictions are placed on cable channels in floors because the building enjoys protection as a place of historical value.

The next table can then be connected via an extension lead to the other side of the Power Bar.
Depending on the length of the lead, the tables can be spaced apart.

In terms of safety, the Power Bar also plays a starring role. It was originally developed for professional stage equipment and is impossible to use incorrectly. Even during ongoing operations, tables can be removed or added intuitively. The maximum flexibility of the table ranges is retained without the need for special training courses, or especially trained staff.

To hide it from view, the cable channel is fitted stylishly and securely underneath the table top and can be reached via single table portals fitted flush with the table tops.

The lockable slotting system comes with strain relief and is fitted with a spacious cable channel underneath the table top. The socket strip has two power connections, a port with two USB connections to recharge mobile devices and an extra slot to fill as required. A single table portal fitted to the table top makes the modules easy to reach and there’s plenty of space in the cable channel itself for an adaptor and leftover cables. As a result, everything looks neat and tidy and the tables have enough power for multimedia equipment in no time.

The mobile Timetable Shift (left) and Confair (right) table systems are easy to manoeuvre and compact to store away, even with a Power Bar and cable channel. All figures and photos: Wilkhahn

Would you like to know more about the mobile Timetable and Confair folding tables with Power Bars? Then you can download the relevant brochure here:



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