A heavenly place to be

The architects designed an understated office space beneath the abstract grid of the LED sky. Wilkhahn’s ON free-to-move chairs ensure employees have healthy conditions to work in here. Photos: David Muñiz

Architects Enrique Kahle, Santiago Virto and Michel Arauzo created quite an abstract space for the offices belonging to PCH Pamplona Centro Histórico. The organisation responsible for the restoration and rejuvenation of Pamplona’s old town is located in a historical building in the city centre with around 350 sq m of floor space.

The redesign of the offices came about through a radical lighting and furnishing concept: the basement rooms were given an illuminated ceiling with LEDs that bathes the whole space in lighting akin to daylight beneath a grid-like sky. The rooms’ walls, columns and floors were treated similarly and covered in granite-grey carpeting. Virtually all the walls have fitted, enclosed shelves also covered with carpeting throughout. The result is an almost model-like space where the only contrasts with the immaterial-looking homogeneity are the historical sections of the building, the light-coloured maple-veneered desks and the insides of the built-in furniture.

Wilkhahn’s Aula visitor chair (design: Wolfgang C.R. Mezger) creates an organic touch. All in black and with its silhouette hugging the person sitting on it, it’s a stylish contrast from the linear nature of the interior design. Also in black, Wilkhahn’s classy upholstered ON office task chairs (design: wiege) go perfectly with the precisely designed space; the free-to-move chairs allow PCH’s employees complete freedom of movement while they’re working and stimulate their metabolism, muscles and joints too. The architects comment that design, quality and ergonomics were the criteria that swung the decision to pick the Wilkhahn chairs.

Particular attention was paid to a barrel vault made of natural stone which was exposed during the refurbishment: employees can use it as a meeting or seminar room for presentations, multimedia screenings or small-scale discussions. Aula is also the seating for this dramatically lit room.


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As a visitor chair, Wilkhahn’s all-rounder Aula lends an organic touch to the otherwise very linearly designed backdrop. Photos: David Muñiz
The basement seminar room with Aula. Photos: David Muñiz

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