Rocky Mountain theme

The sectional seating, designed by Spatial Concept and inspired by where the company came from, the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, is the centrepiece of the interior design. Interior design: Spatial Concept (Hong Kong), photo: Scott Brooks

The rising number of people working for American company Otter Products in Hong Kong, which specialises in device protection products for smartphones and tablets, made a move from the cramped space in the packed city centre to the outskirts necessary. The new design concept was underpinned by the desire to emphasise the company’s brand identity even more clearly and create a place that fostered growth, innovation and job satisfaction. Rooms with high ceilings symbolise space for big ideas and, ultimately, the US base of Otter Products was also to be highlighted via the office rooms’ new design. Inspired by the Colorado landscape and its famous Rocky Mountains, interior design studio Spatial Concept (Hong Kong) came up with a communal platform to sit on with the sort of ridges so typical of the scenery there. It invites people to interact and swap ideas or enjoy an extended lunch break.

Combined with the colourful furniture, the light-flooded workspaces have an energising appeal and the corporate colour is even applied to the IN office task chair throughout. Interior design: Spatial Concept (Hong Kong), photo: Scott Brooks

The new office workspaces face Victoria Harbour so that, in addition to the splendid view, the large windows also provide plenty of daylight. In order to make maximum use of the daylight right into the building, all the internal walls, even those in meeting rooms, are made of glass.


Different types of flooring indicate the variety of ways in which the space can be used so that traditional partitions can be avoided in the open-plan room concept. The idea is to encourage employees to engage with each other in inspiring ways and foster a relaxed environment to work in. A colourful and modern interior design lends atmosphere to the design concept and the high ceilings suggest lots of space to encourage growth, innovation and job satisfaction.

Because users are encouraged to engage in three-dimensional movements while sitting, the AT chair is ideal for long meetings. Interior design: Spatial Concept (Hong Kong), photo: Scott Brooks

Greatist, a US platform, honoured Otter Products as one of the “the healthiest companies to work for”. So it’s no surprise that when selecting the furniture, employees’ health took centre stage. And the team stands to benefit in two ways, with Wilkhahn’s IN task chairs in workspaces and AT chairs in the meeting rooms. Wilkhahn developed the concept of the free-to-move task chairs, powered by Trimension®, in collaboration the German Sport University Cologne in order to combat the lack of physical activity in digitalised offices. The 3D kinematics (Trimension technology) in both office chairs encourages three-dimensional movement while people are sitting and has been proven to prevent backache related to sitting down. People who move forwards, backwards and sideways encourage their hips to rotate, which is so important for a healthy spine.


In addition to the healthy aspects, Wilkhahn’s office chairs also go perfectly with the design concept. The IN task chair’s striking swivel arms in Otter’s yellow corporate colour contrast with the black covers and frames and integrate organically with the office environment. In the meeting room, AT looks like part of a work of art. The design and upholstery colours harmonise superbly with the design concept of the wall, ceiling, floor and wall that can be written on, which shows a mountain silhouette.

The open-plan room design and glass walls allow maximum daylight right into the office’s interior. Interior design: Spatial Concept (Hong Kong), photo: Scott Brooks

Kaiyah Kwok from the Hong-Kong-based design studio Spatial Concept explains why they picked Wilkhahn’s IN and AT free-to-move chairs for the interior design concept as follows:

We suggested the IN chair to Otter Products, not just because of its ergonomics or comfort, but because the chair could be custom-made in the customer’s corporate colour and therefore underline the branding in the office itself. The AT chair also offers the ultimate in comfort during long meetings that take place every day. Both chairs are a good combination of aesthetics and comfort.

Kaiyah Kwok, business development and strategy manager at Spatial Concept, Hong Kong

Many companies no longer seem to be placing top priority on offices in city centres. In fact, an inspiring workplace is what’s wanted. Somewhere where employees enjoy being and can develop innovative ideas. It’s no longer a case of where people work but how. Or as 1970s rock band The Eagles put it: “Cause the Rocky Mountain way is better than the way we had.”



You can download our brochure on the free-to-move concept here.

For more information about Wilkhahn’s AT free-to-move chair click here.

For more information about Wilkhahn’s IN free-to-move chair click here.



Click here for Spatial Concept’s website:


Click here for the client, Otter Products’ website:

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