A dynamic, yet home-like appeal

Combined with the soft Blend fabric, the meandering contoured stitching gives Wilkhahn’s ON office task chair a home-like yet dynamic appeal. Photo: Wilkhahn

Just as mobile devices such as smartphones and notebooks have blurred the boundaries between work and leisure, the design of today’s office environments oscillates between professional backdrops to ones with a home-like look and feel. Neutral, usually shiny surfaces, selected because they are practical and easy to clean, are complemented by softer materials with an open-pore look and more interesting haptics as well as strong colours. High-tech textiles, nano coatings and surfaces with sophisticated finishes often make these just as hard-wearing and hygienic as their counterparts, which sometimes appear rather cool.

The stitched, contoured upholstery (left) lends ON more padded volume, while the athletic Fiberflex upholstery (right) has an exceptionally slimline, sleek look. Photo: Wilkhahn

And of course, Wilkhahn’s free-to-move chairs, which are considered ergonomic benchmarks, are no exception. Its classically stylish ON office task chair has now been launched with contour-defining stitching. The seat and backrest upholstery lend the model the sort of padded volume of chairs sat on at home and is accentuated by the contour-creating stitching. This line of stitching meandering from top to bottom gives the chair’s backrest a touch of panache and also reflects the dynamic motion options the free-to-move chair offers. Combined with the soft, felt-like Blend fabric, ON is a comfortable item of furniture that encourages movement in chic executive offices or smart start-up spaces and is equally an ergonomic companion for people working from home.

The soft Blend fabric to match the contoured upholstery is available in five colours ranging from elegant beige to bold petrol blue to matt black. Photo: Wilkhahn

Blend is available in five colours – in addition to black and two shades of grey, it also comes in elegant beige and bold petrol blue. As a result, the office will feel like home – or when working from home nobody has to forgo the comfort and flexibility of an ergonomic office chair.

You can find everything you want to know about ON and its features in the digital brochure.


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