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Different styles of sectional seating with Insit.

Once upon a time, upholstered chairs and benches in office environments were mostly consigned to lobbies and waiting areas. Nowadays, they are also encountered in co-working spaces, areas in the middle of rooms, open-plan offices or company restaurants.

Wilkhahn’s Insit (design: Wolfgang C.R. Mezger) is a multipurpose upholstered range of benches that reflects the requirements of today’s office environments. Its firm upholstery and 45 cm seating height allow people to work, interact, eat and drink at normal table heights in combination with seating. It spawns a whole host of design options so that a wide range of settings, such as spaces geared to relaxation or collaboration, can be created. What’s more, it can be used to divide spaces up into zones and improve acoustics. The two-, two-and-a-half and three-seaters have straight or curved benches, or ones that are linked at 90 degrees at the corners, or come with a backrest that’s linear or slopes on one side or two, or changes direction. The benches without backrests can also be used from both sides. By using connectors and side tables, the elements create a versatile system that can be linked to form complex configurations.

Using the means there are no limits to creativity because different combinations of the Insit modular furniture can be visualised and planned.

The Insit upholstered bench is a Red Dot Award winner. All users now need is a laptop, tablet or smartphone to look at the variety of design options and numerous ways it can be combined. The modules with all the required features can be combined in the pCon applications when professional planning is needed. Whether a 3D data set or information for quotes are required, the software is a useful tool for designing interiors and available in five languages as well.

We’re looking forward to experiencing interesting combinations, applications and projects with the Insit modules.

You can find the Insit configurator in the here.

The Insit upholstered bench’s many different design options automatically produces creative backdrops with diverse styles of sectional seating and atmospheres.

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