Healthy office workspaces


Since the start of the corona pandemic, health and safety in offices are two issues that have gained momentum. In addition to prevailing regulations, social distancing and special hygiene rules are extra measures taken to prevent infection. But isn’t health about much more than just that? And what does that mean when planning and organising workflow in offices? At Wilkhahn, we’ve spent a long time looking in detail at developing concepts and office furniture with an integrated approach to health. First and foremost, this means that planning a truly healthy and motivating office environment always focuses on the well-being of the workforce. And the goal is to actively encourage healthy practices and cut down stress.

Timetable tables (design: Andreas Störiko) with fold-up Foldscreen acoustic panels and 3D dynamic office chairs (both designed by Wilkhahn).

In order to achieve this aim, we encourage people to move in order to boost their immune systems. And we develop flexible solutions that people can organise themselves and facilitate switching between interacting with others and setting up more screened-off areas. As a result, lobbies, conference spaces and seminar rooms, which are hardly occupied during the epidemic anyway, can be used spontaneously as temporary office spaces with mobile, flip-top desks and adapted to comply with new regulations. Our versatile, all-in-one Foldscreen solution turns any Timetable table into an autonomous pop-up office in seconds.

In the corona age, working from home has become a possible way of making office work future-proof. But is there any such thing as a generic home office? Homes don’t always have the right infrastructure for office workers. In this case, it’s crucial that a range of very different conditions is factored in and that professional solutions are required in each case. In circumstances where office standards can’t be applied, we’ve developed clever solutions that are practical for people working remotely from home.

The Fold-up Workspace turns the dining table into a temporary place to work (design: Wilkhahn).

But it’s important to remember that however good the space at home for remote workers is, it can’t replace a real office as a communal space. Office environments are areas where people meet up spontaneously to swap creative and inspiring ideas and where collaboration and a team spirit are cultivated. Because isolation is unhealthy in the long run. Fostering interaction also makes people healthier, more productive and innovative too.

Because everything happens on monitors in this case, it’s particularly important to encourage people working from home to move. Featured here is the new AT Mesh office chair model, a perfect choice for home environments.

Which is why Wilkhahn has outlined its approaches and solutions to make office work healthy and efficient in a clear, structured and digital brochure. These will allow you to find a healthy way of working in the new post-corona normal.


The brochure also includes information on cleaning and disinfecting Wilkhahn furniture. You can download a single document with these practical recommendations for hygiene measures too.

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