Growing Green Cities


In terms of garden design, the Netherlands aren’t just known for being the biggest supplier of tulips worldwide. Conceived as an international horticultural exhibition, Floriade Expo has been catching the attention of industry professionals every ten years since the event first started in 1960. This year, the town of Almere is hosting the exhibition, whose theme is Growing Green Cities, on a space around 60 hectares in size. Over a period of six months, the showcase is presenting solutions to make lives in cities greener and happier. In an era of climate change and rising urbanization, this issue is becoming more relevant than ever.


In what’s known as the Urban District, various nations in more than 20 pavilions are showing their culture, plants, flowers and local innovations in the interests of green cities. The German pavilion is a prime example of how modern horticulture can connect urban spaces and nature.

The Green House at Floriade, where Wilkhahn designed its green and sustainable exhibition space.

Mankind and nature in harmony

Various greenhouse, architecture and furnishing concepts are showcased in the Green House, which was designed by architectural studio V8 architects Rotterdam, on a space some 170 meters long. Wilkhahn is using its exhibition space to reveal its sustainable furnishing solutions. For instance, the shell of its new Yonda chair range is made of biocomposite – a combination of 70% recycled polypropylene and 30% of local waste wood. In emerald green to match the horticultural exhibition, Wilkhahn’s modular and multipurpose Versa conference table is a versatile and therefore sustainable option.

The emerald green furniture complements the Green House and is impressive for its ecological qualities. Yonda is a shell-structure chair that’s made of recycled material to match the sustainability ethos. The modular Versa conference table is an all-rounder whose multifunctional nature means it can be used in lots of different ways.

As a winner of the German Environmental Prize, Wilkhahn’s ecologically driven design principles and resource friendly production reconciles the needs of mankind and nature. At the same time, the company’s furniture will help cities green places in future.


Visit Floriade Expo

By the way, Almere’s not far from Amsterdam and can be reached quickly via all sorts of modes of transport. Floriade Expo is open every day until October 9. Tickets are available online or locally.



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