Versa conference table - modular meeting table ©1zu33 / Wilkhahn

636 range: Design: Wolfgang C.R. Mezger

The modular table range combines seminal forms and high quality with customised variety of design and room usage. The classily stylish frame looks seamless and underscores the exceptional high-quality, airily light look of the configurations.

The table frame and top are cleverly connected by a bayonet lock, allowing the tables and table systems to be set up, extended, made smaller or dismantled again in no time – without any tools or loose connecting parts. Rectangular, semi-barrel, trapezoid, semi-trapezoid, rounded 90° corner and 90° circular segments with various table depths offer the right solutions for any size of room, number of attendees and type of conferences. What’s more, they come with surfaces and in colours to match the space concerned.

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Iconic Award Winner 2020