FISP: top priority for sustainability

11.07.2017 | by Wilkhahn Germany

Sustainability and responsibility are two aspects that are closely interlinked. Whereas ecological responsibility is usually immediately associated with sustainability, social and economic responsibility often take second place, although they are just as relevant. Which is why the Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA) initiated the international Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme FISP in 2006. The idea was to create an independent certification system that applied to the whole value chain. The goal was to go beyond what was strictly necessary. And above all this means that the company has to meet a list of criteria that covers significantly more than existing standards. In addition to environmental aspects such as waste and energy management, emissions or the product life cycle, the FIRA auditors also look at things such as upskilling opportunities and companies’ ability to compete.
These issues have been part of Wilkhahn’s values for decades. The integrated perception of sustainability is a recurring (green!) theme throughout the company. For example, when environmental auditing was introduced in all areas of the company in 1992, it was a pioneering step in the furniture industry. At Wilkhahn, sustainability is pervasive and ranges from ecological guidelines for product development to constructive styles of employee management based on partnership. An independent FIRA auditor came and saw for himself and then awarded the FISP certificate. And we’re delighted with the result: full membership of the Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme!

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Wilkhahn’s FISP certificate

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