Humankind. Nature. Technology.

See things in perspective. Be attentive. Keep an inquiring mind. We have never believed in the idea of pure form: whoever designs furniture and interiors, does, in fact, design his or her environment and human relations. Aesthetics have always had an ethical dimension for us. For years we have consistently pursued new paths in design; for years we have been practising fair, responsible partnership. With nature, with our staff and with the technology which we employ.




Environment or turnover

„In case of doubt, the ecological aspect has priority over quick profit.“ Mission Statement of the Administrative Board,1989

In 1992 we developed Picto, the first completely recyclable office swivel chair, and proved innovative products can be designed and produced ecologically. Environmental responsibility does, after all, start with product design. As a proactive thinker, we demonstrate our innovative strength in ecological matters too: with environmentally favourable product processes, in the utilization of environmentally compatible materials, with a sophisticated value-added packaging system, in waste disposal or in the utilization of low-solvent lacquer.




Fair partnership

Staff leadership
„No orders without explanations“

This phrase of Fritz Hahne's became the guideline for internal communication very early on. Decisions at Wilkhahn must always be legitimized by means of arguments and not hierarchies. Such a corporate culture produces strong, self-confident individuals who can identity with their work and who are totally committed.




Social Responsibility

"Fairness in cooperation" - cooperation at Wilkhahn is shaped by mutual fairness, respect and the valuation and promotion of capabilities and skills. 

Green Production

Wilkhahn is backing maximum energy efficiency and virtually CO2 neutral production. 

Corporate Responsibility

Wilkhahn supports the UN Global Compact 


Product. Excellence.

"We strive to develop lasting products, increase their utility value and reduce waste. "Less is more" or "reduce to the max" 

Office chair ON®

Wilkhahn has devoted decades to developing office chairs that encourage our natural desire to keep our bodies moving and healthy. 


The company has developed like a personality. A personality that is committed to values and, over the course of its long experience, has continued to give a fresh impetus to general cultural and social developmen