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Many businesses today still believe that a successful career is paramount to most people and that hard work is the key to achieving that goal. That’s all very well but time to unwind is also becoming more and more important. However, thanks to smartphone and co., lots of people can’t switch off at the end of the day. But while business success is important, some employers are realising that incorporating time to relax into their interior design concepts is crucial. The Corestate Group in Frankfurt is leading the way  and it all starts with the building itself.


Architect Christoph Mäckler designed Tower 185, an impressive skyscraper, which, together with the Main Tower, is Germany’s fourth tallest high rise. The building sits on a plinth-like base and the horseshoe-shaped courtyard is an imposing entrance point for customers and employees. On top of the base are the 51 storeys, accommodated in two V-shaped office towers, which embrace a round, glass middle section. The building is a prestigious object for the real estate investment management company but also efficiently meets superior sustainability criteria. It was completed in 2011 and has international LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, which is confirmation of environmentally friendly, resource-saving and sustainable construction. These factors help to make a workplace a motivating and worthwhile space to be.

Whether it graces conference rooms or the café, the Occo multipurpose chair is quite a high flyer at the Corestate Group. Photos: Interior designer LESON / Photo Martin Joppich

Here, on one of the top storeys, Corestate commissioned interior design company LESON GmbH to come up with a modern office environment, which is not only thrilling for its magnificent views but also reflects the company’s values. In different shades of blue, the light-flooded premises comply with the company’s corporate design. Contrasting natural tones and close-to-nature components such as wooden windows and vertical miniature gardens produce a feel-good setting. While the conference rooms are fitted with modern and versatile multimedia equipment, the café’s focus is totally on relaxation. The airy and laid-back setting really invites people to wind down as does the room’s bright feeling, which is continued through the floor-to-ceiling windows in the conference rooms. Wilkhahn’s Occo shell-structure chair (design: jehs+laub), different designs of which are encountered in all the rooms, goes well with the overall concept. Its distinctive cut-out section in the seat shell lends it an airy look and its organic form conveys a sense of wellbeing. This feature in the shell makes the chair even more flexible and fosters movement while people are working, in meetings or enjoying lunch breaks.

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