The Core


What does the French automotive brand Peugeot have to do with real estate? Not much really. However, a 50-year-old car workshop that previously belonged to the automotive manufacturer was recently turned into the new Dutch headquarters for the world’s largest service provider in the real estate sector. The CBRE Group calls its new office space The Core and it’s not so much an office as a meeting place. It’s a hub where expertise is pooled and future working environments can be designed with customers. A basic condition for this sort of creative environment is in-depth collaboration and constant interaction between the people who work there. The company offers flexible workspaces in an environment that was developed based on sustainable and healthy standards of well-being.

What does that mean in detail? As the company deliberately didn’t want to change the original architecture of the workshop, an industrial atmosphere seeps through the whole building. High ceilings and in some cases vast rooms lend the premises a loft-like appeal. Because the complex is so spacious, CBRE’s team had plenty of design options.

"CBRE’s The Core in Amsterdam is all about people’s health and vitality. In addition to their aesthetics, our decision to pick Wilkhahn’s task chairs for this environment was a logical one because this highly ergonomic chair helps our workforce adopt healthy postures.", Ramon Beijen – Creative Director at CBRE

The Core is divided into four separate zones, each of which has a unique look. The Café is the informal meeting place for customers and colleagues. The Workshop, on the other hand, is the centrepiece of the office and all about interaction and innovation. Daylight shines through the saw-tooth roofs and people can work here at one of the project tables or in the break-out zones. CBRE staff use the Client Lab to collaborate with customers and find answers to problems. The fourth zone is a library on the first floor – a place for calm reflection and focus. One thing all areas have in common is that health, well-being and productivity are important, aspects that apply to the office space as a whole.

Therefore, it’s logical that CBRE’s interior designers picked Wilkhahn’s ergonomic office chairs. After all, the AT and ON free-to-move task chairs encourage three-dimensional movement while people are sitting down and come in high-quality designs too. The Trimension® technology incorporated in both office chairs has been shown to prevent and ease backpain. People who move forwards, backwards and sideways encourage their hips to rotate, which is so important for a healthy spine. The nomination for Architectenweb Award’s Interior of the Year 2019 accolade is just one example of the success of the interior designers’ concept throughout the whole office complex. Hats off to CBRE!

The right office chair is paramount in a modern office. Wilkhahn’s AT and ON chairs blend in perfectly with the CBRE interior designers’ concept. Photos: Stijnstijl Fotografie

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