Home office 2.0: Bureaulib in Paris relies on Occo and Timetable

24.04.2017 | by Wilkhahn Germany
The “Bureaulib” in Paris is the first coworking space for company employees – a modern alternative to the home office. (Photo: Bureaulib)

The office environment is going through a period of transition: digitization now makes it possible for us to work in any place at any time. Employees see this change as giving them more independence, while companies hope to achieve sustainable levels of productivity from motivated staff. This is where the French planning agency Génie des Lieux comes in with an innovative approach: the first “Bureaulib”, a coworking space in Paris available to single users or teams, has opened its doors to company employees.
Single desks for concentrated working, conference rooms for meetings, spaces for informal communication – over 500 square meters, Bureaulib provides a wide-ranging infrastructure for up to 70 office workers. It aims to be flexible enough to mirror the requirements of working on company premises while at the same offering more comfort and convenience than is typical for a home office.

A talk, a meeting, or just a chat – coworking spaces need to be able to respond flexibly to users’ needs. The Occo range of chairs, containing a total of 72 variants, can meet almost any functional requirements. (Photo: Bureaulib)

Compared to other coworking spaces, Bureaulib also sees itself as a kind of laboratory – in other words, companies can use it to try out and discover innovative office styles and ways of working. Working and creative brainstorming, while sitting or standing – the furnishings reflect all conceivable situations. Occo chairs and Timetable tables from Wilkhahn underscore the furnishing ethos to ensure maximum flexibility in dynamically-used spaces. As just one example, a lecture hall can be transformed into a conference or group work room with little effort. The characteristic opening in Occo’s molded seat makes it possible to stack four-legged models not currently in use and put them to one side. And the mobile Timetable foldable tables are easy to position in any formation, allowing users to retain their workflows in the home office 2.0.

More information on the new “Bureaulib” coworking space (in French): www.bureaulib.com
Website of the Génie des Lieux planning agency: www.geniedeslieux.com
Website of Wilkhahn’s Paris dealer: https://moda-int.com/

More information on the Occo chair: www.wilkhahn.com/en/products/occo-chair

More information on the Timetable table system: www.wilkhahn.com/en/products/conference-tables/timetable

From a talk to a workshop – dynamic furnishings with Occo and Timetable respond to new usage requirements in no time. The conference table that can be folded up is easy to move between spaces; several tables can be stacked together in ordered columns. (Photo: Bureaulib)

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