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14.02.2018 | by Wilkhahn
Wilkhahn's most popular film on YouTube shows the Confair folding table being used.

Who would have thought that short films on smart table and chair systems from Bad Münder in north Germany wouldn’t just appeal to us, but thousands of people worldwide as well? And figures posted in early February 2018 speak for themselves: Wilkhahn’s product and corporate films have achieved one million views on YouTube. This total shows that both our products and our digital marketing are successful.
At around 135,000 hits, the Confair folding table range tops the list of Wilkhahn’s most popular films. At 121,000 and 103,000 views, two videos on our ON three-dimensional chair occupy second and third place, followed by a clip on our Stand-up sitting-standing stool, which was watched 83,000 times.

Wilkhahn has had a YouTube channel since 2007. Over the past few years, we’ve uploaded just under 100 films (or 96 to be precise), which have now been seen by 1,100 subscribers and other interested users. And by the way, Wilkhahn TV is most watched in the US (20%), with Australia (18%) just pipping Germany to the post (17%). The UK occupies fourth place (12%) and even people in Singapore (3.8%) enjoy our films.

Click here to go to our YouTube channel.
Click here to watch our most popular films on YouTube.

Click here for a portrait of the Confair folding table.
Click here for an ON video.
Click here for a film about how to use ON.
Click here to watch the video about Stand-up – a stylish and fun mover.

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