Visions of the future


A special anniversary is always an occasion to take stock of the years gone by. But that wouldn’t adequately do justice to the DNA of the Confair folding table: (design: Andreas Störiko). Some 25 years on, Confair also stands for progress – so it’s no surprise that the party held to celebrate it at design store Gärtner in Hamburg was not about looking back at the past but to the future.

Futurologist Frank Sonder talking to designer Andreas Störiko (on the left). Photo: Wilkhahn

What’s on the horizon? What will remain? What do we believe in? were some of the evening’s key questions to which Wilkhahn sought the answers with around 50 architects. Inspiration wasn’t just provided by futurologist Frank Sonder, who looked at working environments in tomorrow’s world, but also by the latest addition to the Confair range, Timetable Lift (design: also by Andreas Störiko). The guests were able to find out what work in the future might be like thanks to the mobile flip-top table. It’s not just the table top of this new product that can be moved, it has a third dimension of flexibility because its height is also electrically adjustable and it can be turned into a whiteboard or a projection screen in no time. And it can be battery-operated so that it’s independent of any sockets.

Timetable Lift (design: Andreas Störiko), the latest addition to the Confair range, opens up new perspectives when looking at the future of the world of work. Photos: Wilkhahn

The answers, thoughts and visions regarding the evening’s key questions were just as varied as they were insightful. Some people saw a glut of things digital on the horizon and others believed that nature would survive us. But everyone agreed that nobody would forget this enjoyable and particularly inspiring evening in a hurry. Thanks very much to everybody.

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