Keep on moving!


The special Future Office show will take place at Paperworld in hall 3 for the third time with a program of talks curated by World Architects. From January 25 to 28, architects, office planners and facility managers will come here to find out more about the latest design trends, exemplary projects and ground-breaking product solutions for the digital office under a focus of smart solutions.

Wilkhahn’s presentation at the special Future Office show at Paperworld 2020 is under the banner of Keep on Moving. Exceptionally ergonomic office chairs, versatile tables and other appealing items of furniture create truly smart solutions and attractive office environments for the people who work there. The chairs allow users to make sitting to standing part of their workflows intuitively, swing their hips and let their thoughts take flight. Alternating postures encourages change to be embraced and interconnecting spaces spark creativity and innovation.

To allow people to sit, stand or a mixture of the two, the elevated sitting position (ESP) feature can be added to the athletic IN free-to-move office chair (on the left) and the classically stylish ON free-to-move office chair (in the center) and the smart AT free-to-move office chair (on the right). If users activate the forward seat tilt, the office chair turns into a dynamic place to perch. Photos: Wilkhahn

How can today’s companies successfully recruit and retain sought-after, highly skilled personnel? How can businesses foster interaction, identification and innovativeness? And how can workforces be kept fit, healthy and productive in the long term? These are the sort of issues industry is grappling with. While psychologists and trainers are enhancing their managers’ and employees’ soft skills, office furniture specialist Wilkhahn focuses on developing the sort of “hardware” for companies that boosts interaction and improves health. Timelessly modern, clear and consistent design increases the attractiveness of a workplace and people’s ability to identify with their employer. Office furniture solutions specifically for collaborative styles of working support teamwork and interaction. And last but not least, the intuitive encouragement given by probably the world’s best office chairs adds to employees’ well-being and level of fitness.

Ideal for impromptu meetings in a pop-up office: Mobile and with electrically adjustable heights so that people can sit and stand at them or adopt any posture in-between, the tables with flipped up table top is easy to wheel in and compact to stow away. And the charming Sitzbock pommel horse seat makes any meeting an event. Photos: Wilkhahn

For example, Wilkhahn’s highly ergonomic, three-dimensionally and free-to-move office task chairs AT, IN and ON are now offered with an additional feature: the elevated sitting position ESP, which facilitates alternating between sitting and standing. The Timetable lift as an electrically height-adjustable and foldable table is ideal as a versatile “projection screen” for spontaneous brainstorming as well as for presentations. And on the charming “Sitzbock” the meeting becomes a casual “ride”.


You can find Wilkhahn at the special Future Office show in hall 3.0, on stand C51F.
Paperworld, Messe Frankfurt, Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, 60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany.


On the first day of the exhibition, Saturday, 25 January, Burkhard Remmers, Head of International Communication at Wilkhahn, will speak on the subject of “Digital Office – keep on moving” as part of the special show from 1.00-1.30 pm.


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