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Whether they’re involved in planning, building or refurbishing properties, as an international shopping mall project developer, NEPI Rockcastle is the biggest players in central and eastern Europe. And the company’s new office in Bucharest illustrates the firm’s own values and project development expertise. Over floorspace of around 2,000 square metres, the concept by Outbox Studio interior designers shows what NEPI Rockcastle focuses on every day. We’re talking about construction projects, or rather the materials required in the process such as concrete, wood, aluminium and glass. The beauty of construction materials is the theme that Outbox Studio came up with for the interiors in collaboration with Wilkhahn’s partner OMIFA.

Brick, glass, wood and stone are the themes for the design of NEPI Rockcastle’s conference rooms. Wilkhahn’s Metrik cantilever chair is the common denominator. Photos: Tryingtodoart SRL

Nine conference rooms are devoted to different building materials in each case. Each room has its own theme with different materials and colour schemes – such as warm shades of yellow in the “Wood” conference room or cool shades of grey in the “Glass” conference room. Which is why the interior designers thought it was crucial to find a design element that was a common thread throughout.


In this respect, the seating played a leading role. The Metrik cantilever chair (design: WhiteID) impressed the interior designers because of its sculptural look and its range of colours and upholstery created quite a dash in all nine settings. On the one hand, Metrik underscores the different themes by creating specific splashes of colour or contrasts, on the other hand, its distinctive form is the common denominator in all the settings.

The conference room can be partitioned and this is where Metrik demonstrates its flexibility. Whether it’s used in separate rooms or grouped at a large round-table meeting, the cantilever chairs are ideal at conference tables or when set up in rows for a presentation. Photos: Tryingtodoart SRL

As long meetings and conferences are also part of day-to-day life in the new office, the seating had to be very comfortable. This is where Metrik scores top marks thanks to its ergonomic shape and the slightly curved backrest, which provides lumbar support. In conjunction with the breathable seat and back cushioning, the cantilever chair also ensures that high-quality design is combined with comfortable ergonomics at NEPI Rockcastle in Bucharest.


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Thanks to the many colour and configuration options, the Metrik cantilever chair is perfect for each of the nine conference rooms. Photos: Tryingtodoart SRL

We included various materials such as wood, concrete, glass and aluminium in the interior design of the NEPI Rockcastle office in Bucharest. We picked the Metrik cantilever chair as the seating because the clarity of its design blends in subtly with the different environments. The colour of the upholstery is based on the materials in the rooms and also creates visual accents.

This is what the founders of Outbox Studio, Petru Darida, Gruia Dumitrescu and Dimitrie Zerva have to say about the project.

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