Landing configurator


Landing upgrades the quality of areas where people meet the most frequently and where, in fact, space is lacking – in corridors, cross-over spaces or stairwells. The wall relief’s modules are decorative, improve acoustics, create niches depending on their layout, provide space for drinks and smartphones and take the strain off people’s feet – and, above all, they encourage spontaneous interaction in office buildings.

The allows variations of Wilkhahn’s Landing modules to be visualised and planned.

There are virtually no limits to the variety of designs. Two different modules, six fabric covers, dozens of colours and combinations to suit preferences can now be easily visualised on the computer, tablet or smartphone. The modules with all the required features can be combined in the pCon applications when professional planning is needed. The software comes in five languages and is a useful tool for designing interiors, whether 3D data sets or information required for quotes are wanted.


We’re looking forward to all sorts of exciting combinations, applications and projects with the Landing modules.

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You can find the Landing configurator in the here.

Wilkhahn’s Landing consists of a flat and a projecting element, which, depending on how it’s turned, can act as a place to stand at, a shelf, or place to lean on at the side or as a little roof.

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