Inspiring Places


Over 60 reference projects at more than 40 locations, ranging from New York to Melbourne, Schliersee to Tokyo, Madrid to Copenhagen, or Geneva to Hong Kong in 16 countries and five continents are now easy to find on the website as a practical source of inspiration.


The projects show how architects and interior designers place Wilkhahn furniture in all sorts of different settings. The key furnishing principles, highlighted through remarkable reference projects, are combined on one page. The filtering function allows you to look at what you’re interested in based on the location, project size, furniture category or ranges selected.


Superb images, snappy writing and comments by planners and users show why and how furniture was chosen for the concept concerned and how the setting was created.

Filters sort the global reference projects and help you to look for the right ones.

The digital version of the Wilkhahn reference book allows you to leaf through it and includes photos, brief descriptions and comments from architects and interior designers about a selection of exceptionally interesting and attractive projects. What’s more, the reference projects website is growing all the time and offers specific access to all projects and their associated design principles. Why not gain some inspiration?


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Further information

The 60-page Executive Workspaces book shows the role furnishings play in terms of their symbolic impact through examples of reference projects and their underlying design principles.

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