A space-defining bench

Very versatile, Wilkhahn’s Insit upholstered bench with backrest system (design: Wolfgang C.R. Mezger)

Comfortable and relaxing upholstered furniture’s no longer exclusive to lounges but now features in offices everywhere too. In the past, upholstered chairs and benches with backrests were limited to foyers and waiting areas, but nowadays they’re encountered in co-working spaces, areas in the middle of rooms, open-plan offices or company restaurants. Wilkhahn’s new Insit upholstered furniture range (design: Wolfgang C.R. Mezger) allows the creation of a variety of different settings with different moods, which, on the one hand, are places to withdraw to for peace and quiet and, on the other hand, encourage interaction and collaboration. What’s more, it can be used to divide spaces up into zones and improve acoustics.


Wilkhahn draws on long-standing experience in designing first-class sectional seating. Legendary examples are the 1200 waiting bench range by Friso Kramer, the 7000 range by Hans Peter Piehl or the 840 range by ProduktEntwicklung Roericht. Insit is an example of a traditional type of upholstered bench translated into a multipurpose seating range to reflect the professional requirements of today’s working environments.

  • Its 45 cm seating height enables working, communicating, eating and drinking at normal table heights and in combination with chairs. Flexible solutions for all generations are the result.
  • The bench’s upholstery is firm and ergonomic to encourage agile and dynamic styles of working.
  • There’s a wide range of multi-seater options that are linear, curved or at a 90-degree angle and can be linked with one another. This enables a virtually infinite variety of different configurations and sectional seating so that rooms and communal spaces can be divided up into specific zones.
A legendary piece of furniture: the 1200 waiting bench range by Friso Kramer, which was encountered in Munich’s Olympia station in 1972 and elsewhere. Photo: Wilkhahn
Insit’s predecessor: the 840 modular upholstery range by ProduktEntwicklung Roericht Photo: Wilkhahn

The range also offers models with open ends to offer space at the front and the three-seater’s even available with a backrest that changes direction. Models with high backrests are the right solution if more privacy’s required. By contrast, benches without backrests invite people to come and sit or lie on them from both sides – for example in quiet areas or places for power napping at lunchtimes. Thanks to inline connectors and connecting panels, the modules can be combined to create whole suites that people can sit on and work from.

Thanks to a seating height of 45 cm, the Insit range is an ideal bench solution for eateries. Photo: Wilkhahn
Whether it’s used as somewhere to wait or for some peace and quiet, Insit’s optional curved backrest gives a welcoming message to visitors. Photo: Wilkhahn

The bench system is also complemented by a matching table range consisting of side and dining tables with power supply modules. The table tops and the benches can also be fitted with integrated techni-stations or ones fitted underneath the seat. Therefore, Insit becomes a multipurpose seating system for co-working, eating, drinking, holding meetings or relaxing. It’s very scalable and can adapt to different settings.

Due to its delicate base frame, Insit almost appears to float over the floor and makes a cleaner’s job easier too. Photo: Wilkhahn
Insit helps create comfortable groups of seating for informal meet-ups. Photo: Wilkhahn

Click here for any information regarding Insit’s dimensions, materials and surfaces here.

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