Consistently transparent

Transparency all along the line: visitors to the Investors Exchange (IEX) in New York’s 3WTC skyscraper by Richard Rogers can even look at the server, which is to make trading shares fairer in the future. Photo: TPG Architecture / ©_____Eric Laignel______________ Photography

How can trading be fairer in the future? To IEX, also known as the Investors Exchange, this is one of the fundamental questions which was to revolutionise the American stock market world. The company got its stock exchange licence in 2016, just four years after it was founded. Since then, IEX has been challenging established stock exchange practices and focusing on transparent transactions, which all market players are to benefit more greatly from. The fact that IEX’s new approach is successful is demonstrated by its rapid growth. In 2018, the new stock exchange moved into around 4,000 square meters of office space in the Three World Trade Center, the new skyscraper built by Richard Rogers. Towering at 329 meters, it’s the sixth highest building in Manhattan and the second-highest in the new World Trade Center area.


Comfort is also a highly valued commodity at Investors Exchange: Wilkhahn’s Graph conference chair (design: jehs+laub) adds the finishing touch to the interior by TPG Architecture, not least through innovative comfort and a clear, pioneering design language. (Photos: TPG Architecture / ©_____Eric Laignel______________ Photography).

The design of the new headquarters was to reflect one thing in particular and that was that the company’s approach should be obvious down to the last detail. The design by the team at TPG Architecture therefore focuses on transparency, integrity and hospitality – from the interior design and the materials used to the choice of furniture. This concept is emphasised by the use of lots of glass as elements to create different spaces. Because the glass walls aren’t just symbolic, they demonstrate the linear nature of the spaces and the diversity and liveliness of the corporate culture. And these spaces range from open-plan offices to single offices if teams want to get together and concentrate or rooms to encourage physical fitness to meeting spaces for informal meet-ups or traditional conference spaces.

(Photos: TPG Architecture / ©_____Eric Laignel______________ Photography).

Traditional conference rooms? Strictly speaking, traditional is not something that goes with a company like Investors Exchange. Which is why the TPG planners picked a conferencing solution that bucks conventions and is such a good choice for that very reason alone. “After careful consideration, we chose Wilkhahn’s Graph conference chair. It’s well designed, very comfortable and highly functional,” comments Mavis Wiggins, managing executive at TPG Architecture and adds: “Its sophisticated, classy design and softly curved form also lend the room a perfect, sculptural look.” What’s more, Graph is all about durability. The combination of the upholstery technique with innovative technology and its three-dimensional flexibility is designed for long-lasting excellent comfort and makes the conference chair a good investment for the future in many respects.


To the website of TPG Architecture.

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