Office hygiene


We’re now all aware of the key steps required to curtail the spread of coronavirus. Social distancing, regular hand washing, wearing face masks when in close contact with others and airing enclosed rooms frequently are all crucial. In many places, people are already slowly returning to their offices after being ordered to work from home for several months. However, spending a lot of time with several people in enclosed rooms does cause concern. What’s the situation with surfaces people touch on shared furniture and items like door handles, light switches or kettles?

Even if experts believe the risk of coronavirus spreading via furniture is low, thorough cleaning of a workspace is the best way of preventing infection via this route. But what products are suitable for office furniture? Which are effective and what’s important to remember for different materials such as smooth contact surfaces or textile covers on office chairs?

With consistent forms and fluid transition points, Wilkhahn integrative design approach facilitates effective cleaning of seating. Photos: Wilkhahn

The fact that the new coronavirus is an enveloped virus is helpful. The envelope consists of a fatty membrane and proteins, which makes it comparatively unstable. It can be dissolved by the surfactants in soap, washing-up liquids and many other cleaning agents and deactivates the virus effectively.

Wilkhahn furniture’s integrative design concept with its consistent forms and fluid transition points also makes cleaning easier. If a piece of furniture has few components and joints, it can be cleaned more easily and efficiently.

We’ve compiled all the key information from our partners and suppliers on cleaning and disinfecting the different materials, surfaces and covers in one single digital brochure so that you’re aware what cleaning methods and what products are suitable for each item of Wilkhahn furniture.

Download the digital brochure “Cleaning and Hygiene”.

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