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Successful conferences don’t just depend on the furniture.

Almost 25 years ago, we examined the symbolic role furniture plays in our Conference Space Furniture Guide. A good decade later, the Planning Guide for Conference and Communication Environments, published by Birkhäuser, profiled these spaces. More than almost any other setting, these reflect both the identity of the people using them and corporate culture.

In its new 60-page book, Wilkhahn outlines the key furnishing principles based on attractive reference projects. Sorted based on the ranges chosen and interspersed with pages on design basics, short texts and impressive pictures invite readers to view worlds where important decisions are often taken. These spaces stand out for their striking and cutting-edge design.


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The book also reveals the place where Wilkhahn combines industrial-standard perfection and superb craftsmanship. Its production facilities were developed by architects Frei Otto and Thomas Herzog as craftsmanship hubs.

The reference projects show that spaces more open to the public gaze require carefully chosen interior design concepts. After all, this is where people sometimes spend hours holding meetings and making decisions.

The book also includes occasional pages where the designers explain the background to the development, from their initial ideas to drawings and details about products.

And, of course, modern day’s version of thrones is also featured. We’re talking about where governments and movers and shakers of industry take a seat.


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