New Work Unboxed

The colorful Stand-ups in the modern workplace office are real eye-catchers and invite people to come and interact with one another.

New work concepts were demonstrated in the modern workplace factory during the Digital Week in Kiel. In the modern workplace office, fitted out with Wilkhahn furniture, Dicide’s new work experts demonstrated how productive collaboration can be, even in the smallest of spaces. During a workshop, attendees debated how they would be working in tomorrow’s world. The answers were written on the Timetable Lift, which doubled as a whiteboard. Consequently, the dynamic conference table was able to prove its versatility and suitability for interactive workshops.

Wilkhahn’s Stitz, Stand-up or Sitzbock seating offers lots of options and keeps attendees in motion.

Tomorrow’s flexible workplace

The workshop also revealed how to encourage people to come into the office. Attendees cited better equipment, interaction with colleagues and a pleasant environment as the main reasons. It became clear that workplaces of the future need to focus more on employees’ needs with more space for creativity, flexibility and deep work than in home offices. These requirements mirror the core messages that Wilkhahn expresses in its human-centered workplace approach.

Collaboration, innovation, communication, learning and deep work should be taken into account when planning a human-centered workplace.

The design of a room plays a pivotal role in the process. Because Wilkhahn’s office furniture doesn’t just ensure a contemporary and professional environment – it also makes diverse settings possible without having to replace the furniture. As attendees were able to see for themselves during a workshop in the modern workplace factory. 


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Further information

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