From a boiler room to a creative space


Neustadt in Holstein is about 30 kilometers north of Lübeck and known for its fjord-like natural harbor. West of the harbor and within walking distance of the town center is also the site of the former Glücksklee condensed milk factory. This brick building dates back to 1926 and is typical of the industrial era. Today, it accommodates the Haus der Manufakturen. In the mid-2010s, Nina Maier and Burkhardt Geipel of moodworks realized the potential to carve out spaces for modern working environments and creatives from the former boiler room to the west of the historic ensemble. Since its redevelopment in 2018, Hafenraum is the number one co-working space in eastern Holstein and the Bay of Lübeck. The rooms ooze industrial charm and are enhanced by a colorful mix of modern and functional designer furniture, some of which is from Wilkhahn.

The exposed wooden beams on the ceiling and the red brick floor are salient features of the otherwise very modern Hafenraum. Photo:

A loft workspace instead of a production building

Hafenraum’s special character is primarily the result of the sensitively remodeled existing architecture. Mezzanines were added to some of the nine-meter-high rooms to free up more space. The attractive, original building shell is still apparent thanks to the glass partitions and stylish steel elements. The exposed wooden beams and refurbished brick floor are exceptional architectural highlights and play major roles in the atmosphere created. What’s more, to ensure all workspaces (and not just those close to the facades) are used, skylights provide daylight virtually everywhere. Burkhardt Geipel’s planning experience was beneficial for the upgrade of the existing building. And his company, moodworks, now uses Hafenraum too.

Wilkhahn’s classic FS-Line office chair, or agile solutions like its Stitz sit-to-stand stool, are ideal for deep work or impromptu project meetings at Hafenraum. Photo:

Working showroom for high-quality design

The complex, two-year remodeling project made dents in the interior design budget. But a creative solution was quickly produced to meet this challenge too. Hafenraum has been collaborating with an online retailer for furniture and designer products called Stückzahl 1 since 2019. For owner Andreas Schlüter, Hafenraum is an ideal spot for his working showroom. Consequently, top-notch lighting, acoustic elements and select furniture round out the exceptional architecture and the space is an office environment in a modern design at the same time. In addition to the architectural firm, a management consultancy, a journalist, a filmmaker and a hotel- and construction-planning office have now moved in. These businesses are joined by temporary users of single workspaces and people who book training and seminar rooms for a day or so at a time.

The Timetable conference tables and ergonomic Occo multipurpose chairs make the meeting and seminar room complete. Photos:

Designer furniture for a high-quality working atmosphere

“The mix of products means Hafenraum has very attractive, first-class and fully functional furnishings,” explains Andreas Schlüter from Stückzahl 1. Wilkhahn’s seating and tables play an important role in the product mix. From the Occo multipurpose chairs or the ergonomic AT office task chairs to the versatile Timetable conference tables all the way to the classic Wilkhahn FS-Line. The distinctive sitting and standing solutions such as the Stitz or Sitzbock define the contemporary working atmosphere at Hafenraum and provide huge scope for changing settings.

The perfect trio for teams: Wilkhahn’s Timetable, Occo and Sitzbock offer more scope for different requirements in the conference room. Photos:

Versatile interior furnishings

While the furniture for some rooms tends to be more permanent, requirements in other rooms frequently change. As a result, furniture manufacturers’ new products can be showcased again and again, or the office environment adapted to new requirements. This is where the working showroom benefits from the concept for Hafenraum, where concerts and evening events often take place. Consequently, different members of the public can see and experience the special spaces and their furnishings. Ultimately, Hafenraum is a prime example of how a shared office can retain its appeal. Its exceptional character offers versatility and a workplace with a feel-good factor that can adapt to users’ needs.


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