25 years of progress


Happy anniversary Confair. Because you’re still a hit a quarter of a century on – similarly to lots of 1990s chart hits. What’s your secret to success? It’s quite simple. Wilkhahn had already come up with one of today’s huge trends 25 years ago. Based on extensive studies about what makes collaborative innovation processes successful, Wilkhahn developed the concept of the conference workshop for innovation and transformation processes in the shape of Confair. This was the world’s first “tool box” in a consistently high-quality design, where teams could configure settings themselves. It comes with a small number of parts, can be moved about and is compact. Designed to support collaboration and creativity, foldable tables, mobile receptacles, mobile desks that nest into one another, pinboards, whiteboards and flipcharts provided seamless solutions for the first time. Wilkhahn established a new, dynamic generation of furniture that’s still unrivalled in terms of unfailing design quality and functionality today. Above all, it’s the Confair folding table, designed by Andreas Störiko, with its sophisticated frame technology that’s still second to none today. Its ingenious functionality and characteristic design make it a classic piece of furniture that’s unique because it’s easy to use, stable and offers an enormous range of design options to choose from.

A small number of components, mobile and compact – seamless solutions to boost teamwork and creativity. Photos Wilkhahn

Subsequently, the Timetable, Timetable Smart, Timetable Shift and now Timetable Lift series were developed as the large folding table’s “little brothers”. These opened up further ways of applying the Confair concept. New options include hot desking for temporary pop-up workspaces or versatile conference rooms, which can be converted by just one person in a matter of minutes if numbers of attendees or types of settings change. The fact that the table ranges are so efficient in terms of space and cut facility management costs is regarded as exemplary from a financial and ecological standpoint right up until today.

Confair’s “little brothers” – Timetable, Timetable Smart und Timetable Shift – for hot desking to temporary pop-up workspaces to conference rooms that can be configured to suit all sorts of purposes. Photos: Wilkhahn

Consequently, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate Confair’s anniversary in a fitting way. A special exhibition entitled Dynamic Spaces, which is all about New Work, is being held on the premises of furniture store Gärtner in Hamburg’s Passagenviertel from 4 to 25 September. This will be the ideal setting for an accompanying event called Wilkhahn – the Future of Work, which will take place there on 12 September at 6.30 pm. On that day, we won’t just be celebrating 25 years of Confair, we’ll also be presenting other Wilkhahn innovations and have invited a source of inspiration, futurologist Frank Sonder. With our guests, we’ll be embarking on a journey into the future and discussing questions about today’s world of work such as: does the future really belong to start-ups, co-working spaces, innovation labs and maker spaces? Will work still be done by humans at all or will the world of work soon be fully automated? Why not drop by and come and talk to us – we look forward to seeing you. If you’re definitely coming, please sign up by e-mail by 10 September 2019 at: martens@gaertnermoebel.de

Electrically powered and mobile – from a conference table to sit at to precision-adjustable heights to stand at to whiteboards, Timetable Lift (design: Andreas Störiko) provides all the options required for working, holding seminars, conferences and workshops – and it comes as a cordless, battery-powered version on request. Photos: Wilkhahn

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