Back-friendly products


It’s been a well-known fact for a long time that anyone who spends almost the whole day sitting down runs the risk of their health suffering – and, above all, incurring problems with backache and seized-up muscles. To prevent this happening, Wilkhahn has spent decades working on dynamic sitting concepts. If people have to sit down then they need to move as much as possible – for example by picking the IN, ON and AT free-to-move office chairs whose ergonomic sitting concept has now been certified with the seal of approval from the German Alliance Against Backache (AGR).

The AGR has been committed to preventing backache, which has reached epidemic proportions, for over 20 years. Their product guide book on back-friendly day-to-day objects is, in particular, considered a respected source of information for consumers, organisations and companies. Because certification in the various product categories is carried out by an independent body of doctors and therapists from two healthcare associations.

Sophisticated concepts are required if companies wish to gain certification from the AGR in the active office chair category. The key condition is that backs have to be constantly moving while people are sitting down. In the case of the IN, ON and AT office chair models, it’s the two halves of the seat, which move separately from one another and are attached to the backrest, that ensure this condition is met. They cause even the slightest shifts in weight to be transferred and trigger a change in posture. As a result, new movement stimuli are repeatedly generated to guarantee a well-balanced and dynamic way of sitting and keep the body fit.

“Tested and recommended” by the German Alliance Against Backache – IN’s Trimension® encourages natural, three-dimensional dynamic sitting, not just forwards and backwards but also sideways and rotational movement. Photos: Wilkhahn
The new AT chair is also included: the German Alliance Against Backache has certified the model with forward tilt in the active office chair category with its “Tested and recommended” seal of approval.
Follows any movement: Wilkhahn’s ON with its free-to-move concept was certified by the AGR as “tested and recommended”. Photo: Wilkhahn

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