First Class Seating

Rendering Lounge chair Intra with high-quality Credo wool fabric

What do the Berliner Philharmonie concert hall, Lufthansa’s First Class and Wilkhahn have in common? People who are mad about culture? Now that would be a great thing. Excellent design? For sure. Exceptional comfort combined with superb breathability? Got it in one! Whenever people are stuck in their seats at concerts, in planes, waiting rooms or meetings, it’s not just ergonomic comfort that encourages relaxation and stimulation but also the upholstery fabric that has a key role to play. Which is why, from 2020, Wilkhahn will be using German manufacturer rohi’s high-quality Credo wool fabric, which is also the number one choice in other backdrops requiring a prestigious look (see above).

Credo / Asienta

In terms of soft seating, Credo scores top marks in the contract furnishing sector. Wherever large areas require covering, Credo’s sophisticated design with its three colours and yarns lends the furniture a perfect home-like appeal. Wilkhahn will be using Credo for its Insit and Asienta upholstered furniture and Intra conference chair. Credo’s multicoloured design produces an attractive interplay of matt and sleek characteristics. The fabric’s subtle shades also emphasise the form and plasticity of the furniture.

Rohi only uses combed yarns from the best quality wool for Credo. Alongside the pure wool fabric’s aesthetic, its exceptionally soft feel, inherent shape-retaining ability and dirt-repellent properties are also worth mentioning. The hard-wearing nature of the product is boosted due to special treatment like the soft-touch finish so that no pilling develops in the fabrics. The fact that the wool fabric can store moisture and is naturally breathable make the chair pleasant to sit on. In combination with classy rohi fabrics, prize-winning Wilkhahn design becomes first-class seating.

Download sample card Credo

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