Modul57, Open Project Workspace - TUI Deutschland GmbH

Even long-established companies use flexible co-working spaces with lean hierarchies outside their usual environments to network with small companies or start-ups and nurture ideas or innovations. Which is why TUI founded Module 57 in Hanover. A depot was converted into open-plan offices with space for 22 people and a multi-purpose area. It also of course offers WiFi access and the customary sofas, but for the rest of the furniture they preferred Wilkhahn’s superbly designed office chair and table solutions. The classic FS-Line office chair is virtually indestructible and scores top marks in terms of ergonomics. The mobile, folding Timetable tables ensure very flexible workspaces and the Confair flip-top tables provide more scope for further impromptu meetings.

Type: Workspace
Location: Hanover, Germany
Year: 2013
Firm: Modul57
Featured products:

FS-Line classic swivel chair
Timetable Smart
Confair folding table
Ceno four-legged chair
Range 230 multi-purpose chairs

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