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In hotel lobbies or at home, the new Yonda lounge range engenders a stylish atmosphere with a residential and inviting appeal. The sustainably designed lounge chairs are Wilkhahn’s addition to its Yonda multipurpose shell-structure chair range, which was designed along aesthetic, ergonomic and ecological criteria. The seat shell provides support to the pelvis and elasticity at shoulder height. It’s spacious enough to allow a range of different postures. The backward tilt, full upholstery and extra cushioning on the seat create superior comfort and make the chair an es casual spaces.

Just like the Yonda shell-structure chair, the armrests in the lounge model are part of the shell’s contour. The classily curved, spacious seat shell contrasts harmoniously with the three frame versions. The slender sled base made of steel rods lends the chair a floating appearance. And the sloping, tapered oak legs with their natural oiled finish are sturdy supports. The swivel-mounted frame with its four-star aluminum base is both solid and dynamic.

Yonda lounge chairs with matching tables can transform entrance areas into informal meeting points and areas of relaxation. And a stand-alone chair with a swivel-mounted, upholstered stool is perfect for a spot of quiet reading and blends in with any environment. By neunzig° design, photo: Wilkhahn

Multiple versions for any environment 

Just like the standard Yonda chair range, the lounge series’ many base frame variants make it ideal for a whole host of uses and design concepts. Its sloping oak legs make the chair the go-to piece of furniture to unwind on, particularly for bookworms. The swivel-mounted models create areas where people can interact with one another or just sit back and relax. The lightweight-looking sled-base chairs are flexible options when settings are changed. The surfaces of the metal frames can also be adapted to different design and usage concepts. They are coated in white or black with a textured matte finish, or come with bright, chrome plating (in the case of sled bases), or a high-luster polish (for star bases). Just like the shell-structure variant, this chair can be covered with a broad range of high-quality options from the Wilkhahn fabric and leather collection. Therefore, the models can be configured to go with almost any interior.

The new Yonda lounge chair has Scandinavian-style, oak legs, a swivel-mounted frame and a sled base – for diverse usage and design options. By neunzig° design, photos: Wilkhahn

Upholstered stools, ottomans, and tables to match

The rest of the ancillary furniture matches the materials the seating is made of and its design language. The swivel-mounted, upholstered stools are tapered at the bottom and the area sat on is shaped like a rounded triangle. They can be grouped flexibly as required. An ottoman, which also doubles as a stool to sit or put your feet on, echoes the lounge chair’s sled base and comes in surfaces to match. Two side tables at heights of 52 and 42 centimeters and whose shapes resemble pebbles, round out the stylish Yonda lounge range.

In an activity-based, multipurpose space, swivel-mounted Yonda lounge chairs, ottomans, upholstered stools, and pebble-shaped tables offer flexible-to-configure settings to communicate and relax in. By neunzig° design, photo: Wilkhahn

Sustainable and long-lasting lounge furniture

When developing the lounge range, combining durability with renewable, recyclable, and recycled materialswas one of our top priorities. As a result, all the seat shell is made of recycled ABS plastic. The lounge chair’s FSC-compliant, oiled oak legs and the composite wood in the seat and upholstered stool are renewable and can be recycled. The whole of the aluminum star base is made of recycled material and the sled base can also be recycled. The upholstery materials are replaceable and up to 100% of them are recycled, depending on the fabric group.



Further information

You can read more about the Yonda shell-structure chair range here.


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