Wilkhahn culture: “Art has no limits” exhibition

12.10.2016 | by Wilkhahn Germany

Art has no limits: it lends an insight into other worlds and cultures; it enriches our lives and broadens our horizons in a whole host of different ways. On 14 October the Wilkhahn Collection and Yvonne Goulbier’s studio are inviting visitors to come on a trip to China. In partnership with the Museum for Textile Art in Hanover and photographer Michael Wolf from Hong Kong, diverse artistic interpretations of the Asian country will be showcased.
Erika Knoop from the Museum for Textile Art will present exhibits entitled “Silken impressions of a Chinese journey” in the form of breath-taking partitions for rooms made of sumptuous silks. Michael Wolf’s “Bastard Chairs of China” will show photographic still lifes of the culture of sitting. And Yvonne Goulbier’s “Dreamy light poetry” in darkened rooms will steal visitors away into a dreamlike reality.

Photo: Bastard Chairs of China, Michael Wolf

Art has no limits
Exhibition from 14 October to February 2017 at Yvonne Goulbier’s Studio & the Wilkhahn Collection,
Fritz-Hahne-Str. 4 (entrance at the back), first floor, 31848 Bad Münder (Eimbeckhausen)
Opening times by agreement. Register by mailing info@goulbier.de or gisela.hahne@wilkhahn.de
Admittance free.

Photo: Bastard Chairs of China, Michael Wolf

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