Wilkhahn dynamic office – Office for motion

29.08.2016 | by Wilkhahn Germany

An architectural blueprint to foster offices for motion

Sitting naturally - Trimension

Physical activity is lacking in office spaces and is affecting the health of more and more people increasingly frequently. Employers often respond by offering exercise programmes, back workouts, or health events. But a more logical move would appear to be to revert to physical activity in places where it has been systematically cut back, in other words to the buildings themselves. To achieve this goal a paradigm shift is required in terms of planning too. For decades office spaces were designed to be as comfortable and compact as possible. Now more physical activity is required.

Office furniture manufacturer Wilkhahn has published a brochure entitled “Office for Motion” which sums up the most important research and development principles. The publication provides a summary of the biological principles, results of current studies and new organisational and office concepts.

download “Office-for-motion”

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