The home office, a sedentary workspace

Professional presentation with Wilkhahn's Stand Up and Fold Up Workspace as supporting actors

A new era requires new solutions. With its health-boosting, motion-promoting concepts, Wilkhahn has played an integral part in trade association VBG’s annual Office Forum for many years. This year’s training session for occupational health and safety representatives was again planned as a one-day event, this time at SAP in Walldorf. But plans had to be changed for obvious reasons…

Three solutions show to make working from home more activity based or how an office-on-the-go can make a workspace mobile: Free-to-move chair ON chair, Stand-up stool and the Fold-up Workspace. Photos: Wilkhahn

…and the session was carried out as a hybrid event at SAP instead. Moderated locally by actor and coach Michael Althauser, four speakers held keynotes on major health issues that working remotely and from home entailed, digitalisation and the impact of Corona on day-to-day working lives.

So Wilkhahn clearly had to attend because of its expertise and smart solutions. Anyone could take part in the entertaining, professionally produced live stream free of charge and the feedback was very positive.

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