Product news: Stand-up now rounder and more colourful

15.09.2016 | by Wilkhahn Germany
Stand-up – motion-driven stool even more comfortable

Wilkhahn’s Stand-up is great for anyone who hates sitting still. The stylish one-legged stool, based on Thorsten Franck’s design, is already a popular item – as a temporary place to perch on when talking to colleagues, or to make informal meetings a little more lively. Interior designers welcome Stand-up as a colourful, acoustics-friendly eye-catcher in a range of different office settings. Which is why Wilkhahn have made it even more attractive. In future, Stand-up will be available in each of the nine Fiberflex colours. We’ve also added a lot more padding to enhance Stand-up’s appeal.


Learn more about Stand-up 

Wilkhahn: more padding in the new Stand-up generation (on the right)

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