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Whether in the office, at home or in a neighborly co-working space – office work can now be done in different and changing locations. Offices are becoming increasingly comfortable in order to survive in the competition between places of work. Conversely, more professional qualities are required, especially when sitting at a home workstation, in order to stay fit and healthy in the long term. This makes “hybrid design” the order of the day.

Successful Occo range expanded

All products at Wilkhahn are designed to strengthen the aspects of well-being, cooperation, identity and the creation of meaning for a truly Human Centered Workplace – both in the office and in a private environment. Working with designer duo Jehs + Laub, Wilkhahn is therefore expanding its range to include versatile hybrid furnishing solutions.

New Options for Offices, Homes and the Hospitality Sector.

The consistent modular concept has probably turned Occo seating, with its characteristic cut-out section between the seat and backrest, into the most versatile range for contemporary offices and homes. And Jehs + Laub’s superb design of the seat shells and base frames has made it one of the most successful. The range is very impressive for its broad choice of models. The chairs’ ergonomic seat shells made of springy plastic look equally transparent and lightweight. Chair models with fully upholstered plywood shells and two backrest heights offer exceptional comfort. And then there’s a choice of base frames that range from four-leg frames made of tubular steel and solid wood to four- and five-star bases made of curved tubular steel on glides or casters. The range also offers carefully modeled aluminum base frames and star bases with height adjustment and optional active rocking technology for the chairs. Therefore, providing more options for the seat shells and base frames was a logical step.

Looser-fit upholstered version for the premium Occo Conference models.

By adding exceptionally soft upholstery and making the covers bigger, the designers gave the seat shells for the Occo Conference range superb comfort and a new look. The deliberate creases that form on the distinctive seam across the backrest lend the chair a very informal appearance that wouldn’t look out of place in homes.

The update of the Occo Conference family doesn’t just look laid-back, but offers the sort of comfort that people enjoy at home. Images: Wilkhahn

Occo lounge models.

The new models with low base frames have a similar appeal. In this case, the seat shells are mounted at an angle of 8° onto the base frame, which is optionally available as an aluminum star base, or as a four-leg solid wood base frame. The combination of the two backrest heights and upholstery variants produces eight new lounge chair models, which can also be combined with the matching table models. The range offers a selection of round and square tables with an identical star base at a 45 cm side-table height and a small, three-leg round table at a 50 cm height.

Grouped with the low side tables, the new Occo chair models with comfortable 8° backward tilts create the perfect ensemble for talking to other people in offices or homes. Photos: Wilkhahn

Occo and Occo SC task chair models.

To meet the growing demand for attractive, height-adjustable task chairs in home offices, hot-desking workspaces and co-working spaces, Wilkhahn is offering the star base from the Occo Conference seating for the basic Occo models too. The generously sized seat shell with its integrated armrests is now in all six colors and four types of upholstery, as well as a simple, height-adjustable office chair, as are the variants of the compact seat shell without armrests (Occo SC). The choice of aluminum star bases in black or white spans surfaces in coated, textured-matte finishes to matte-polished to bright chrome-plated options.

The new Occo and Occo SC models cut a dash at conference tables in offices, or at dining tables in homes, and they’re surprisingly ergonomic for basic task chairs. Photos: Wilkhahn
A bonus of the modular principle, particularly in homes, is that the new models are ideal for pairing with dining tables, where Occo models with other frame variants are normally used. Photo: Wilkhahn
Together with the especially compact and comfortable Aline table (Design: Andreas Störiko), a home workspace is created using a table and chair which can also expand the dining area and seating as required. Photo: Wilkhahn

Occo counter stool models.

The Occo and Occo SC models with counter stool base frames can be adjusted to even greater heights. High tables are increasingly used in meeting, project and workshop spaces where people sit on counter stools so that they can look each other in the eye. The bigger star base and a height-adjustable swivel-mounted column with adjustable foot ring ensures the stools don’t tip over.

Thanks to the Occo counter stools, Wilkhahn now has solutions for high tables too. Images: Wilkhahn

Occo swivel-mounted and height-adjustable bar stool.

The new bar stool model ensures that people can work together at the same height. In addition to the versions with a sled (skid) base and solid wood legs, the existing seat shell in six colors and three upholstery options is shown here on a swivel-mounted and height-adjustable stainless steel column with a footrest and disc base. This predestines the model for areas where space is at a premium, such as at kitchen counters, or in crowded hospitality outlets (before covid 19 anyway).

The Occo bar stool with its new base frame in the shape of a height-adjustable stainless steel column and footrest is comfortable even in confined spaces. Photos: Wilkhahn

Seamless variety.

The new features and combinations again significantly increase the variety of models and areas the furniture can be used too and a common thread runs all the way through. The task and lounge chair models are attractive, especially when the lines between workspaces and living areas are blurred. The modular Occo system is once again proving its ground-breaking nature in many respects. It’s both versatile, but with a signature style throughout and offers planners an enormous range of design options. In terms of functionality, it creates ideal, customized solutions and allows updates at any time without having to replace all the chairs. And it cuts down on complexity in terms of production, materials and facility management, which the vast range of models would otherwise require.


The new Occo models will be shipped from October.

Futher information

Everything about Occo and its diversity of variants.

Health promotion, first-class design quality and pioneering functionality have been part of Wilkhahn’s DNA for decades. With our planning approach for the “Human Centered Workplace”, we provide both practical and valuable orientation for the holistic conception of office environments where people will continue working well tomorrow. Learn more now


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