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Photo: Kai Hua Group & M Moser Associates

Property owners have a clear idea about what makes an ideal tenant. In addition to looking after the property, a good credit rating and reliability are right at the top of the list. It’s no different in the world’s prime locations and the owner can usually choose who is given a contract. When selecting tenants for the Central Tower in Guangzhou, real-estate developer Kaihua goes as far as giving preference to consulates and the most valuable international companies. But how do you create an image as a first-class, future-driven provider of real estate? And how do you encourage major companies and governmental organisations to relocate their headquarters?

Maximum transparency on floor 53 – the interior design concept by M Moser is minimalist and open. Photo: Kaihua Group & M Moser Associates

The response by the Central Tower’s interior designers at M Moser is to offer impressive design throughout. When entering the building, the lobby on the ground floor with its floor-to-ceiling windows, stainless steel columns, marble flooring and warm lighting is an impressive sight.

The Graph conference chair is an immediate eye-catcher. With a classy silhouette, it accentuates the minimalist aesthetic of the conference room. Photo: Kaihua Group & M Moser Associates

And the Tower’s top floor also showcases Kaihua’s credentials as a landlord because its own headquarters are located on floor 53. Wide panoramic windows extend from the reception to the patio and offer a breathtaking view of Guangzhou’s skyline. The company uses the space to indicate what the offices of future tenants could look like. The light-flooded conference rooms are furnished with Wilkhahn’s Graph chairs (design: jehs+laub). They accentuate the minimalist nature of the interior, created by M Moser, with a stylish and clear design language. The chairs’ sophisticated surfaces, exclusive materials and perfect craftsmanship meet the most discerning of requirements.

Whether seminars, networking events or exhibitions are held in the foyer, the Asienta upholstered bench with backrest combines prestige with distinctive design and appealing comfort. Photos: Photo: Kaihua Group & M Moser Associates

Another of the Tower’s highlights is the spacious foyer for exhibitions and events on floor 33. Comfort and unconstrained interaction are called for here and Wilkhahn’s Asienta upholstered benches with backrests (design: jehs+laub) provide the right ambience. These benches add to the feel-good factor and invite people to come and enjoy the view, gaze at pieces of art or just chill. And the distinctive and precise design of the furniture with its soft curves and firm comfort are the perfect choice. In this case, elegance and comfort aren’t mutually exclusive. M Moser’s concept is first class from the interior design in the lobby to the top of the Tower.

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