For mobile desks to pop-up offices

From a seminar table to a pop-up office - two front and four side panels provide privacy and focus for four people at the table. Image: Wilkhahn

Wilkhahn’s vision of versatile conference rooms, learning and collaborative spaces that people can configure themselves dates back more than two decades. It develops superbly designed, mobile, flip-top tables that users just set up and wheel into place, wherever, whenever and however the furniture’s required.

Timetables nest compactly with one another and the surfaces can be flipped up, feet turned in and Foldscreen front panels folded up to turn them into workspaces that are quieter and more private in seconds. And side panels can be added at any time too. Image: Wilkhahn
An ingenious, magnetic, folding linkage strip connects the side with the front panel. If required, the side panel can be turned in and locked in place before the front panel is folded down and the screen is flipped up with the table top. Image: Wilkhahn.

The new furnishing philosophy became a global benchmark with the advent of the extensive Timetable range (design: Andreas Störiko). Wilkhahn’s now presenting a new solution called Foldscreen worldwide, in other words, modular, combinable front and side panels. The product turns all Timetable models into quieter and more private workspaces, where the panels are placed on or attached to the desk to provide privacy below its surface.

Foldscreen modules 70 cm or 80 cm in height are ideal if privacy’s required underneath the table. Any side panels are folded in, locked in place and folded down with the front panel onto the table surface. Image: Wilkhahn.

The clever part is that the panels require no tools to fit and hinges and folding linkage strips make them easy to fold down and inward. And what’s more, they can rest on the flipped-up table tops if the furniture needs to be moved or put to one side. The range is very flexible, compact to stow away and encourages configuration by users themselves, making the Timetable family plus Foldscreen a multipurpose tool for agile environments. And not just during the corona outbreak, when regulations currently require social distancing.


Please refer to the digital brochure for more information about Foldscreen.



The electrically mobile Timetable Lift (design: Andreas Störiko) for sit-stand options in project spaces. When interaction’s important, users can pick a desk at standing height with no visual barrier so they can see each other, or add Foldscreen to create more focus. Image: Wilkhahn

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