Exhibition on ingenious stackable and row chairs at Wilkhahn

13.06.2017 | by Wilkhahn Germany

Whether it’s a case of conferences, concerts or co-working spaces, stacking or placing chairs in rows is primarily required whenever people get together on a temporary basis. But how can the design of a chair respond to this functional requirement without making any compromises on comfort and aesthetics? Wilkhahn has been grappling with this question for several decades now and has come up with some sophisticated solutions. One example is the Aline chair (design: Andreas Störiko) whose intelligently designed skid-base frame allows stacking of 15 chairs which then total just 106 cm in height.

The exhibition on ingenious stackable and row chairs at Wilkhahn gives a few interesting glimpses of their development. The Wilkhahn Collection and Atelier Groubier in Bad Münder use numerous drawings and exhibits to document the interesting way the furniture has evolved.

Opening times by appointment.
Book by mailing gisela.hahne [at] wilkhahn.de
Admittance is free.

More information about the Aline-S stackable chair .

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